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5 Rustic Living Room Furniture Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

5 Rustic Living Room Furniture Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

The Ideal Wall Colors || Choose the Right Coffee Table || Seating Arrangements || Ceiling and Windows || Lighting

If it’s a rustic look you want to create in your living room, then you should look for something that creates a cozy vibe. Use rustic living room furniture with earth tones to decorate the space, while keeping these decorating tips in mind.

  • The ideal wall colors

If you take a look at any pictures of rustic living room settings, you’ll notice that it’s usually a combination of stone walls with simple white or off-white walls. People nowadays opt to use white or off-white for their walls because it is a contrast which is perfect for highlighting all the rustic living room furniture in the room. 

Another option to create a well designed rustic space is by converting one wall into a feature wall. This wall will have a rustic touch added to it like a stone covering while the other walls are plastered and painted like normal walls. The wall with the fireplace chimney is the best wall to create a rustic look in the living room. 

  • Choose the right coffee table

There are two pieces of furniture that highlight the living room; the coffee table and the seating area. These are the two points where a person everyone gathers round for stories near the fireplace or to just enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink. 

As this is the focal point, it’s important that you choose the right coffee table that blends well with other rustic living room furniture. You don’t have to look for anything complicated. A nice and quaint coffee table, preferably made of wood is more than enough. 

If required, you can perhaps look for something upholstered with leather or a dark fabric. If you use this, you’ll need to have an additional wooden tray to work as a flat surface to safely place your cups and glasses on the table. 

Then again, if you have the budget, you could perhaps consider using log tables as they create a much better rustic look and ambiance to the living room. You can also alternatively look for a coffee table made from reclaimed wood or a wooden chest. 

  • Seating arrangements

It’s quite natural that the seats take up maximum space in any living room. This is why you have to pay more attention to the kind and style of rustic living room sofas and chairs, and how you arrange them. 

You generally have to look for something in tan or brown upholstery or leather seats. Things get more complicated if you have a relatively small living room, where you’ll find it difficult pairing a traditional sofa and perhaps a loveseat well. This is why it’s better to opt to use one or two love seats in a small room as it makes the room look less cramped. 

But at the same time, you should arrange your love seat so that it has some visual noise, and is noticed and appreciated in the rustic living room. So if there’s perhaps sufficient space to also place one or two chairs, you could pull the loveseat forward to give a center-stage presence. You can accentuate the look by placing some prominent cushions in bright or bold colors and with big patterns like geometrics to pep up the restricted space. 

Another option is to back the loveseat with one of the walls. As the walls will be white or off-white, it helps create a quiet and monochromatic scheme to your rustic look. Choosing upholstery that’s pale and neutral colored creates a sense of airiness in the living room. 

It’s essential you position your loveseat well in the room so that it creates a balance in the room. It’s better to place the loveseat or two-piece sofa across from the fireplace with perhaps a chair perpendicularly positioned on each side. 

The benefit of separating these chairs instead of placing them together ensures the chairs don’t overshadow the loveseat. While you may place some proportional pieces of furniture around the love seat, make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Too much is too bad in a small space as it only clutters the living room to make it look even smaller than it actually is. Besides, your love seat’s presence also ends up diminished by these other accessories. 

You can always place a shelving-unit storage bench under a window to work both as a window seat and for storage purposes. If required, you can also add some floor pillows to the bench to use when you have even larger parties. The pillows blend well with the other rustic living room furniture. 

  • Ceiling and windows


There’s another great rustic design idea you can implement in your living room that has white walls which are to use a wooden pole as a curtain rod, with black iron brackets on the sides. The reason you should use a wooden pole is that it really stands out of the white walls to accentuate the rustic look. 

There’s nothing much you can do to the ceiling to get the look. If you can afford it, you can perhaps have some exposed beams in it. It’s just what you need to add some finishing touches to the rustic living room ambiance. 

  • Lighting

You can never create the right rustic look without the proper lighting. You need to look for some cozy and warm lighting, which you obviously get from your fire pit. However, if you don’t have a fireplace, then you can opt to use table lanterns and candles to create the look. Highlighting the stone walls is best done using ceiling spotlights pointing down at them. 

Wrought iron is the best option for rustic light fixtures. So look out for, and use wrought iron wall lights, chandeliers, and side table lamps where possible to light up the living room. 

Last, but not least, did you know that you can enhance the rustic look just by storing or stacking firewood in the open? If you don’t want to stack them outside, you can alternatively put them in wicker baskets, some wooden crates or use any recessed wall in the living room for stacking the wood. 

The final touch could perhaps be a wooden or metal ladder leaning against one of the walls, which you can use for hanging blankets or magazines on it. With so many rustic living room ideas, it’s now left to you to use your imagination and the right furniture to create the rustic look you always want.

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