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8 Surprising Mattress Facts You May Not Know

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Your mattress helps give you a comfortable night’s sleep... But did you know that there are much more interesting things about a mattress than just its comfort? Read on to learn some interesting - and even creepy things about your mattress you've probably never thought about!

1. You are not alone

You may not like learning that the comfortable mattress you sleep on every night carries in it a bevy of microscopic dust mites. To add to the disgust is the waste all the mites emit,  which prevails in the material and in any gaps. This means you have some uninvited bugs sharing your valuable mattress space with you!

These dust mites will not do much harm to you because they feed on only shed skin cells. While there is no risk of their biting or contracting any disease through their bites, they can trigger allergies and asthma.

It is not only mattresses they inhabit. They are also found in pillows, and in skin oils and saliva. Therefore, it is always recommended to change pillows at least every eighteen months. You may have to change pillows twice a year if you are prone to allergies.

However not everyone is comfortable about changing pillows they have finally gotten used to for a good night’s sleep. If this is the case, you can always minimize dust mites’ infestations by using allergen-resistant mattresses and pillow covers. It helps if you make it a habit to wash al your bed sheets at least once a week.

2. Even mattresses can be recycled

Most people do not know what to do with their huge and bulky mattresses when they get a new one. The first thing that comes to mind is to send it to a landfill. However, by doing so means that it ends up taking space there, like the other thousands of old mattresses piled up there.

Instead of wasting valuable space for these mattresses which only end up rotting away, you can always consider recycling old mattresses. If you wonder how, well the mattress’s springs and metal can be recycled and used for something else. In case of foams and fabrics, they are recycled and used as padding or some other similar applications.

Of course, you can always donate, or even resell decently shaped old mattresses!

3. Popular mattresses don’t always give a good night’s sleep

It is interesting to note that while innerspring mattresses are the highest selling, research proves that they do not give a good night’s sleep. It’s surprising that only 69% of innerspring mattress owners are satisfied with their sleep quality.

This is in comparison to the sleep experienced by most memory foam, latex and waterbed owners. In fact, memory foam and latex mattresses are growing important and popular in the spring market niche.

4. Thieves always look under mattresses first

If you are one of those who have a habit of hiding money under the mattress, then it is high time you changed it! This is because it is the first place thieves check for money and prized possessions!  

Besides, placing money under the mattress can defeat the purpose of investing in a good mattress. The money wads can make the bed uneven, which in turn can get bad for your back in the long run. Look for some other conspicuous place to store your valuables!

5. Mattresses must be flame-proof

In the year 2007, a law was implemented stating that all mattresses should be flame-proof. This means that they have to meet certain flammability guidelines to be sold in the US.

According to the law, mattresses should be able to withstand open fire for 30 seconds. This is, mainly to reduce the possibilities of mattress fires occurring due to unattended candles, cigarettes and other similar dangers.

However, there are no regulations about how manufacturers can reach this flame proofing. Therefore, some consumers are concerned about the use of some less than safe chemicals for flame proofing purposes.

While some of the worst chemicals like PBDE’s and DecaDBE have been banned or phased out, some manufacturers use fabric barriers and other similar green or safe measures.

6. Ropes once supported mattresses

Did you know that cross-woven ropes were used to support mattresses long before platform and box springs were started? In fact, this is what lead to the coining of the phrase ‘sleep tight’! People had to follow a regimen of tightening their bed ropes before sleeping to prevent suffering from saggy sleep.

7. You also shed on your beds at night

It’s not only dust mites that shed and leave excretions on your mattresses... you do it, too! Yes, your mattress is packed with your shed skin cells and excretion in the form of sweat and other body fluids!

The human body on an average sheds millions of skin cells a day. So, since you spend about 1/3 of your day on the mattress, lots of cells and excreta end up in the mattress. And in case of those who sweat a lot at night, it’s estimated you release about a few millimeters to one liter of sweat every night.

While sweating and shedding skin cells are inevitable, you can at least get a protective mattress cover for your mattress. This not only prevents all this mess, it is also easier to clean and wash to keep it hygienic if anything spills on it.

8. Messy beds are not so bad after all!

Most people have a habit of keeping their bed tidy. It’s for both hygiene and aesthetic reasons. However not many are aware that researchers in Kingston University have found out that an unmade bed may indeed be much healthier.

According to their theory, sweat and moisture ends up trapped under the comforter used to cover your mattress. This is an ideal environment for dust mites.

 On the contrary, leaving the sheets exposed to the air and sunlight dries the mattress. This kills the mites because they do not thrive well in dry environments.

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