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8 Tips for a Beautiful Bedroom

05 May

8 Tips for a Beautiful Bedroom 

Your bedroom should feel like your personal getaway, a safe space. It needs to express some of your favorite colors and collections while exuding your feelings. That’s why we’ve come up with 8 helpful bedroom ideas for anyone who might be struggling with their bedroom decor. Whether you're decorating your guest bedroom or master bedroom, this home decor tips are something all interior designers agree on.

Subtle Colors for a Subdued Bedroom Design

Designers and amateurs alike are often drawn to bold colors, but when we choose soothing shades and monochromatic tones, we can design a much softer presence for our bedrooms. Gentle colors, such as blue or lavender, are considered to be quite calming. 


Richer tones, like jewel-toned hues, can also help to foster a sense of coziness. Colors like deep pomegranate or a toasty brown are a great example of these warm tones. Using a toned-down hue of your favorite color in your bedroom can do wonders for establishing the right mood. This might look like mauve over eggplant or a pumpkin tone instead of tangerine. 

Consider Your Bedroom Ceiling 

The ceiling should feel like the fifth wall of the room. While you’re lying in bed, are you gazing up at a blank surface? Adding a subtle pattern or a soft color, perhaps a lighter version of the wall color, helps to lower the ceiling visually and provoke a sense of comfort and intimacy. 

Another potential solution is to stencil or wallpaper the ceiling. You could add a flourish of architectural design in the form of molding or utilize a decorative paint treatment. To maximize the luxuriousness of your space, consider silver-leaf for your ceiling or perhaps a tented bed with a dressing that will hang from the ceiling to envelop you in warmth as it adds texture and color to your ceiling.

Choose Bedroom Furniture That Fits 

When you’re looking to buy a bedroom set, sketch out a quick floor plan for you to reference. The furniture you find should fit the room it’s going to live in. For example, a small bedroom isn’t the best place for a large bed and a big dresser. When you have a high ceiling, a tall headboard at the top of your bed will help to fill the space. 

Is your bedroom quite large? Consider adding a chair and ottoman. A large piece at the foot of the bed is also an excellent option for maximizing efficiency while decorating your space.



Maintain Simplicity in the Bedroom 

Bedrooms are often designed to be cozy and simple. You can always add notes of sophistication and elegance, no matter what style you choose. Leave enough room for movement around any large piece of furniture and be sure not to block any pathways.

Try to think in terms of efficiency. Is anything in the way? Can you easily access your closet, or do you have to walk around the bed? 

Be sure to focus on necessities. Anything else should be considered clutter.

Cover the Windows

Dressing a window helps to frame it as well as the view. It provides another way for you to add color, texture, pattern, and softness to your bedroom. Do you love sheer curtains that filter light?

Combine them with opaque roller blinds so that you can pull them down for privacy. This way, your furnishings are functional and beautiful.

Bedrooms Need Storage 

Storing things out of sight will help to maintain your bedroom’s sense of serenity. It helps to increase space and coziness. A roomy bedside table with drawers is an excellent addition. A small dresser with drawers or a skirted table are also great ways to increase storage space. 

To ensure you can easily reach your books and accessories, a headboard with built-in shelves or sliding panels can do wonders. Keeping a trunk at the foot of the bed is the perfect way to store extra linens, pillows, and blankets. 


When It Comes to Linens, Indulge 

We spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedrooms, roughly. Outfitting your room with beautiful and luxurious fabric can add comfort. To do this, try to find sheets that are 100% cotton or linen with high thread counts, 350 or more. If you want sheets that feel like they belong in a 5 star hotel, send them to the dry cleaner for a crisp smoothness. 

Allow Your Bedroom to Become a Real Getaway 

This requires a bit more discipline. Try to keep your devices out of the bedroom. This means no phones, computers, TVs, or exercise equipment. It’s a bit tough, but doing so will foster a space you can truly cherish, where you can allow yourself to relax and renew. 

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