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8 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Throw Rug Pillows

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8 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Throw Rug Pillows

Sometimes all you need are the right throw rug pillows to change and improve the ambiance of a room. It’s much cheaper than buying new furniture or even changing upholstery. It’s perfect to make your home look interesting, especially if you like making décor changes with the seasons.

But you may need some help in selecting the right pillow. Especially because there are so many pillow types and sizes available in the market at the moment.  This is where these tips should help you out.


1. Pillow insert size


Always look for pillow inserts that measure about 2 inches smaller than the size of your pillow covers. So if you have a 24” pillow cover, look for a 22” pillow insert and so on.

The reason you have to look for a bigger pillow insert is that gives your throw pillow a plump look. It looks way better than having lazy and slouchy pillows on your sofa or sectional. 


2. Type of insert


Now when it comes to the type of pillow insert, polyester ones are always the cheaper option. They do keep your pillows full and standing upright all the time. However, the problem is that polyester inserts do just that. They look pretty on your sofa.

They are not soft or cuddly enough for anyone to hold and cuddle. This is where down or feather filled pillow inserts area better option for our sofas and chairs.

They are so much plusher to hold and to look at, and they are also much heavier than polyester ones. But don’t forget that these pillows tend to lose their shape with time.

This is why it’s better if you get stiffer inserts made from 25% down and 75% feather. Though a bit expensive, they are much cuddlier to hold! The 5% down and 95% feather pillow inserts are rather good too. For those who are allergic to feathers, you can always look for synthetic down inserts.

Sometimes you may like a pillow but not it's insert. If this is the case, you can buy it but change inserts for a better one, as long as the pillow has a zipper to do so. It’s always better to have extra inserts on hand to rotate and use each season.


3. The arrangement on sofas and sectionals


You can actually decide how you want to arrange your pillows on your bed, sofa or sectional. There are no rules to follow, but it’s generally better to create a layered look by using different sized pillows.

For example, you could perhaps place two bigger pillows at the ends of your sofa and have two slightly smaller ones in front of them. You can use your creativity and even add a lumbar pillow in the middle.

If you are considering adding more pillows to your sectionals, well remember that you’ll have to repeatedly remove the pillows when you use it and place them back when you are done.

So if you don’t have the patience to do this every time you sit on the sectional, then it’s better dropping the idea of having too many pillows on it.


4. More colors


Why not use colored pillows to add color to the room? Not necessarily multi-colored pillows, but different shades of the same color. Just pick up your favorite color, then choose, and arrange them in ascending shades of the same color, from the lightest to the darkest shade.

You can also add color to your house by bringing the outdoors, or rather outdoor colors inside. Choose your favorite colors like green, blue or even mud colors and use them in your house to create an ‘outdoor’ look indoors. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll use a range of solid colored pillows, or if you prefer using some multi-colored ones.


5. Shape


While you may find pillows in various shapes, there are some common shapes. Square pillows are rather common, versatile and look great on any sofa, chair or bed. They can be used alone or with other differently shaped square pillows.

Rectangular pillows look best leaning on chair seats or as a bed or sofa center. Box pillows are deeper than regular pillows and help add dimension wherever placed.

Bolsters double up as armrests at the end of sofas and sometimes on beds too. But they are pretty outdated now, and if you are looking for comfort, square or rectangular pillows are a better choice.

Round pillows are quite rare nowadays because they don’t blend well everywhere. They are in fact better used sparingly.


6. Texture

Your pillow texture should blend with the rest of the room’s upholstery. You could create more depth by combining different textures. You could perhaps layer a soft pillow on something harder. However, the texture won’t be that important if you’ll be using lots of embellishments or colors in the pillows.


7. Trim

You can enhance the appearance of a plain pillow with a unique or colorful trim. The commonest option is piping or welting to give a simple finishing detail to the pillow.

It works for all room and furniture styles. Create a classy look by using a trim the same color as the rest of the pillow while contrast piping makes a more decorative pillow. You can also use a rope as piping to create a deeper and more traditional look.

While decorative trims like tassels, proms and fringe will definitely spruce up your pillow, they look best in a traditional, bohemian or country room. It’s better not using them in modern or contemporary places. A pillow with a simple knife edge is a better option for contemporary spaces.


8. Embellishments


Throw pillows with embellishments can help liven and brighten up your room. However as mentioned earlier, they don’t complement all décor. And most important, embellishments are better on decorative pillows.

There’s no point having embellishments on throw rug pillows you plan to lean or lie down upon. They are not only uncomfortable but may also scratch you.

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