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9 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Table Lamp

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9 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Table Lamp

table lamp is perfect for providing illumination when and where required. You can carry it around and use it when you want instead of wasting electricity by providing unnecessary light.

However, most people make the mistake of choosing their lamp based on its beauty and not based on its light output, performance, and distribution. This often leads to a less than favorable lighting experience, and energy wastage.

The right lamp is one that’s both attractive to look at and is also functional in appliance. Avoiding the following nine mistakes help you choose the right and compatible table lamp for your home and decor.

1. Using lightweight lamps around children and pets

You also have to choose your lamp based on its weight. This is because a heavy lamp is a better and safer option for a home with pets or small children running around. Don’t use lightweight lamps here, which are easily knocked over. They can be placed somewhere where there’s minimal activity in the room.

2. Wrong height

This is the biggest blunder you can make because you forget that you have to make a choice not only based on its height but also based on the table on which it will be placed.

This is why it’s always better to choose a lamp which, with the table, has a combined height of not more or less than 58 to 64 inches high. A lamp this tall helps give the room a cohesive look.

3. Proportionately wrong shaped lamp

Now you know that you have to choose your lamp based on the table it will be placed on, remember that the table size also figures while choosing your table lamp.

Too big a lamp may produce a lot of light, but can get dangerous if you plan to place it on a small table. Similarly a small light will not get much attention if used atop a large table.

There’s a general rule of thumb stating that your table lamp should not be more than 1 ½ times taller than your table. Generally, a heavy style lamp looks great on a heavy table while a lighter and more delicately styled lamp is a better choice on a petite and thin table.

4. Choosing the wrong or too many colors

Lamps with either multi or wrong colored shades make a poor choice. The main reason is that it doesn’t blend well with the room. Instead of looking for similar colored lamps to give a cohesive look to the room, choose complementary colored lamps. It’s better to follow the rule of choosing lamp shades with no more than 3 main colors and 2 complimentary colors.

5. Random mixing of lamp styles

You don’t have to look for matching lamps; it’s the random lamps that usually look the best. However, there are some rules to follow while mixing lamp styles. Look for lamps that are different but still have something common in them like a common shape, shade, color or metal finish.

6. Mixing metals

Once again, it’s okay to mix the metals on lamps. For example, a bronze and copper lamp looks splendid because they are basically the same elements. Similarly, chrome also pairs well with nickel while nickel looks great with other light bronze shades. However, mixing too many different metals in the room is a huge decoration blunder.

7. Using no other lamps

No matter how attractive or well designed the lamps around you may be, don’t make the mistake of buying all of them for your home. The optimal lighting option for your home comprises of a mixture of general, task and accent lighting options.

So while lamp shades are generally used while performing tasks like sewing and reading, ceiling lights make general lights. Accent lights are those lights that give a dark corner a light glow. It’s when all the different types of lights are combined well that you get the best lighting option at home.

8. Wrong lampshade

The wrong lampshade can spoil your lamp choice. For example, don’t buy too tall lamps. There’s the chance of your getting blinded by the bulb’s brightness. A lamp where the bottom of its shade is at eye level height makes a better choice.

Similarly, lamps with too large shades don’t make a wise choice. Instead, choose something having a diameter measuring about 2 inches less than the base length. This means that a 12 inches tall lamp shade should measure no more than 10 inches in diameter.

And while white or ivory shades are popular choices that let in maximum light for better room illumination, black and colored shades are also useful. They help direct light downwards to add more pizzazz to the room’s lighting. You can even mix different shade colors for bold lighting options. Just make sure you choose colors that don’t disappear against your wall color.

.9. The wrong light color

It’s not just the light shade’s color that you have to keep in mind. You also have to choose your lamp based on the light color. This is because some of them like fluorescent lights not only make you look washed-out or sick; it even affects your room’s looks and atmosphere.

While Led 2700K is a popular, warm light used today, it can give your room a yellow hue. A 3000K lamp is a better choice because it’s white, and more like natural light. 4000K lamps are very cool and blue, which may be an ideal choice if you have a modern style room with whites and blues.

It is always better to choose a combination of light colors to use in different days and situations. For example, it’s worth having a dimmer switch to use when you want to create some ambiance at dinner time.

Similarly, 3-way bulbs are ideal investments for a home. They not only provide for brighter lights to use for reading purposes but can also be used as less bright lights while watching television or while having a conversation.

Now you know the 9 mistakes to avoid while choosing lamp shades, you’ll be able to ‘light up’ your home much better!

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