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9 Things To Consider While Buying Bar Stools

9 Things To Consider While Buying Bar Stools

Style || Backs || Size || Additional Features || Height || Seating Material || Color Patterns || Flexibility || Cost

After spending so much on your bar, the finishing touch lies in buying the right bar stools that complement it well. The right bar stools are those that blend well with your bar, is comfortable for you and your guests to enjoy a few drinks and is of course, within your budget.

Finding bar stools is not a problem because there are so many types available- the problem lies in finding the right one for your bar. So if you find it difficult making a choice, here are a few factors that will help you out.

1. Style

You have to choose bar stools that fit with your home’s interior décor and style. This means that if you have a rustic style home, then wooden bar stools may complement it the best. However, if you are looking for something contemporary, then look for metal or plastic ones.


2. Backs

You have to choose your stool backs based on the look you want to create, and the level of comfort you are looking for. Backless stools are always better in case of swivel bar stools. But if you want some back support, then you can choose between low and high-back bar stools. The difference between the two is that the low back stools offer some back support and still look backless while the high-back bar stools offer maximum support.

3. Size

It’s better to opt for backless bar stools for small bars as it makes your bar area look bigger. And anyway, it’s easier to tuck backless bar stools under the bar or counter when not in use and save floor space in the process.

Then again, if you have sufficient space, then you could look for bar stools with a backrest and armrest for added support and comfort. The size of your bar area not only determines the type of bar stools you should buy, but also the number of stools that will fit behind it. Obviously, a bigger area permits more stools, as long as there is sufficient space in between them.

4. Additional Features

You may be surprised to know that bar stools come with some exceptional features which go a long way at making your guests feel comfortable. For example, you have adjustable bar stools which are very useful because it’s height can be increased and decreased to accommodate your guests’ heights.

It’s great if the bar stool has a footrest so that whoever sits on the stool has someplace comfortably sit with their feet resting on it. And if you will be having parties where people interact with each other across the room then it’s better to look for swivel bar stools. This makes it easy for the person sitting on the stool to turn around and speak to others in the room.

5. Height

If you don’t plan on investing in adjustable bar stools, then you have to be careful about the height of the stools you choose. It should match your bar’s height so that your guests can comfortably rest their arms on the bar while enjoying their drinks.

Stools that are your bar height are a logical choice for standard bars however if your bar is a kitchen counter or about similar height, then shorter counter stools are a better option. If you have children around, then you may consider getting one or two short or adjustable bar stools so that they don’t feel left out.

  • Measuring the right height

Now you may wonder what the best height stool is for your bar counter. Well, this is rather easy to find out. You just have to measure from the floor to the highest point of the bar and subtract ten inches from it. This gives you the appropriate height for any bar stool you choose as it gives you enough room to comfortably sit on the stool and to also tuck it under the counter when not in use.

6. Seating material

The bar stools’ seating material is something you need to choose wisely because you have to be comfortable spending so much time sitting on the stools! Wood is the most common choice because they are durable, comfortable and look traditional.

If you are looking for something luxurious, then leather is a better material. They look rich and are of course softer to sit on. Plastic and metal carry a modern look and are a durable investment.

It’s left to you to make a selection based on the comfort and look you want. It goes without saying that whichever type of bar stool you choose; you should know to clean it. Spills and accidents are inevitable when at the bar so it’s better to choose stools you know how to clean!

7. Color patterns

Most of the bar stools come in solid colors, which isn’t surprising as it easily blends into most rooms and bars. However, this doesn’t mean you have no other choices. It’s always better to check out a few color patterns too because it is the perfect design which goes a long way at enhancing your bar’s look. If your bar is supposed to be the center of attraction, then it’s better to look for something eye-catching like a wild print pattern.

8. Flexibility

Adjustable bar stools are generally a better option if you are thinking of moving house in the future. This is because you never know where you will be shifting into next. It’s only adjustable stools that are flexible enough to easily blend and fit into and under any bar counter. All you have to do is increase or reduce the height of the stool as per the counter measurements.

9. Cost

Cost is always a factor to consider, no matter what you plan buying. Bar stools are no exceptions. So look for something in your budget as you most probably won’t be buying a single stool but should be able to afford a few stools for the bar counter.

If you were finding it difficult choosing the right bar stools for your bar counter, these factors should make it look so much easier!

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