Delivery Information

ONLINE ORDER RETURN POLICY: If you have any issues with the item(s) you have ordered online, please notify us as soon as possible. Once any online order delivery or pick-up is confirmed via phone or email by our Customer Service Department, no refund can be issued. Once you sign off on the item and take it home with you, no refund of any kind can be issued, only a reselection at an Exclusive Furniture store will be available for you and you will be responsible for any additional delivery costs. 




It’s an exciting time! You have just purchased furniture from Exclusive Furniture and you are ready to usher in the new look to your home. But before your furniture is delivered, you may have some questions or concerns. Knowing that, we have produced a frequently asked questions section as it pertains to delivery, our policies, and more.

When does Exclusive Furniture make deliveries?

With the exception of Wednesdays and Sundays, we deliver throughout the city of Houston between the hours of 9am and 5pm, daily. 

What time will my furniture be delivered?

Once your delivery date is confirmed we will provide a 3-hour time frame for you to expect your delivery to arrive at your home. All delivery time frames are estimates and no specific time can be guaranteed. In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible and continue delivering low prices to all of our customers, we route our drivers with the most fuel efficient route possible and no preferred order of delivery can be guaranteed. 

What Will Occur Before My Delivery?

Our Customer Service Department will contact the day before your items are available for delivery to schedule your delivery for the following day. At this time, an estimated 3-hour time frame will be provided for you once you have confirmed with our Customer Service Representative that you or a third party over the age of 18 will be available to receive the delivery the next day. 

Should you be unable to accept the furniture the next day, please notify our Customer Service Department and we will discuss the next available date for delivery with you at that time. 

If no changes are made and you have confirmed that you or a third party over the age of 18 will be able to receive the delivery, we will load your order for delivery. Once an order has left our warehouse for delivery the next day, no changes to the delivery or delivery time can be made. Should you need to reschedule a delivery after it has left our warehouse for any unforeseen circumstance, another delivery fee will be charged to you.

What Can I Do To Help Ensure A Successful Delivery?

Outside your home, please keep all walkways clear of debris or any other items that might make it cumbersome or unsafe for our delivery team to deliver your furniture. Most items are delivered on a 26-foot long truck so please be sure that your street or driveway is not too small for our trucks to access. If needed, let your neighbors know that you are expecting a delivery and to keep the street clear for our trucks to access your home more easily. 

Inside your home, have a path cleared from the entryway to the room in which the furniture or mattress/foundation will be placed. Remove any items on any walls that the furniture may come in contact with during delivery - Exclusive Furniture is not responsible for any damages during delivery and having any breakable items put away helps assure no damages will occur. 

Also, please have the room cleaned and cleared so our drivers can assemble your furniture where you would like. 

If you live in an apartment building, condo, or office building, please check with the proper individual to determine if there are any special requirements for the delivery (ex. certain delivery hours, reserving a freight elevator, or a Certificate of Insurance).

Will your delivery team contact me to let me know when they’ll arrive?

Yes. During the day of delivery our drivers will provide a courtesy call to you at least 30 minutes prior to arriving at your home. Should you not be home when our delivery team arrives, we are happy to allow a 30-minute grace period for you to arrive at your home. We understand Houston can be a tough place to commute, so please notify us as soon as possible about any delays that may occur in your schedule. 

If for any reason you will be later than 30 minutes, our delivery team will move on to their next scheduled delivery for the day and your delivery will have to be rescheduled for a later date and an additional delivery charge will assessed to you. 

All redeliveries are subject to a re-delivery fee, even if the delivery fee was waived at the time of purchase. 

Will The Exclusive Furniture Delivery Team Disassemble And/Or Remove My Old Furniture?

Unfortunately we do not disassemble or remove old furniture. We suggest you call your city or town to determine the best method of disposal, or search out a local charity that may be able to pick up your furniture and benefit from its reuse.

May I Request That The Delivery Team Member(s) Remove Their Shoes Before Entering My Home?

Our delivery personnel are not allowed to remove their footwear. This is for their safety and in compliance with OSHA guidelines ( For your convenience, Exclusive Furniture has equipped our delivery drivers with booties that fit over their footwear to help protect your home’s interior during inclement weather.

Why Do I Have To Pay For Delivery When Other Furniture Retailers Offer Free Delivery?

Exclusive Furniture is always working hard to give you the best furniture value for your dollar – with no gimmicks! Remember, no one can deliver furniture for “free”, and retailers who advertise “free delivery” have simply hidden the cost in the price of the product. Our philosophy is to give you a choice regarding delivery or customer pick-up, so if you opt for delivery services, we will charge you a reasonable fee separately.


What will it cost to have my furniture delivered?


Delivery Costs

Delivery cost is dependent on your distance from Houston, TX (77002).


1 - 50 miles: $129

51 - 100 miles: $199

101 - 150 miles: $399

151 - 250 miles: 499

250+ miles: Please call us at 713-773-0606 for a shipping quote


If I Decline Delivery, May I Pick Up My Furniture?

Absolutely! With the exception of Wednesdays & Sundays, merchandise can be picked up at our Central Distribution Center in Southwest Houston located at 11011 Westbrae Parkway Houston TX 77031, Monday - Saturday from 9am-5pm.

If I Opt To Pick Up My Furniture, What Will I Need To Bring With Me?

Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing before coming to our warehouse to pick-up your furniture. please wait until you hear from an Exclusive Furniture representative before heading to our warehouse to pick-up your items. At times some items may be out of stock and we would hate for you to make arrangements to pick up an item that is not in stock. 

You MUST have the credit card used for your online order and a photo ID matching the name on the order or else your items WILL NOT BE RELEASED. No exceptions.

We will not allow any items to be released to a third party without you being present with the credit card used and a matching photo ID. No exceptions.  

Make sure your vehicle is large enough to safely transport your new furniture.

Pack rope and blankets to properly secure your new furniture and ensure its safe ride home.

Keep in mind that we cannot assist in the securing of your product if you are picking the items up yourself.

Inspect your item(s) at time of pick up. If there are any items that do not meet your approval, please notify an Exclusive Furniture employee prior to leaving our distribution center. Once you have left with your new furniture it cannot be returned.