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A Dummy’s Guide to Loveseats

A Dummy’s Guide to Loveseats


Loveseats are also called apartment-size sofas because of its size. It’s just right for use in small spaces like living rooms in small apartments. As the name suggests, it’s a two-seater couch seating two people or a couple, and the reason for its name. 

They don’t use much space but do create a cozy and homey atmosphere. They can also be used in large living areas for additional seating arrangements and thus help create conversation groups. 

Shopping tips for loveseats


  • Comfort 

If you go shopping for loveseats, you have to choose one based on your design preferences and requirements. It should be comfortable to sit on, which its upholstery determines. While loveseats with low-density cushions are affordably priced, they do flatten with use and tend to quickly wear out. 

The high-density cushions are slightly expensive, but worth the cost because of its firm seating wherein, it tends to hold its shape longer. If you are looking for something really comfortable, look for a loveseat with down cushions.

  • Size 

Size is another factor to consider while looking for loveseats. While sectionals may be small, they take up lots of space. Loveseats, on the contrary, are compact enough to fit into tiny areas. However, don’t make the mistake of buying one without first measuring wherever you plan to keep it.

  • Style 

You can also buy loveseats based on style. You have modern and contemporary style loveseats which go well with most living room themes. The modern design seats come with firmer cushions, strong angles and longer legs while the contemporary designed ones have thicker upholstery, plush seating and lower legs.

  • Fabric

The type of fabric on the loveseat is something else you need to take into consideration. You can choose between seats with different upholstery fabric options like top grain leather, velvet, and twill. Make your choice based on your tastes, and one that blends well not your living space. 

Standard loveseat size

Now as size is important while looking for loveseats as you shouldn’t take it for granted that it’s small, and can fit into just any space. Well, while loveseats come in varying dimensions, most of them are four to six feet long from arm to arm, and about three feet deep. While this is the average size, they come in various dimensions to fit its appearance and the room.

So find out how you can measure the right sized loveseat for your existing space. Length is the first thing people measure while choosing loveseats. Here are a few of the most common sized loveseats.

  • Compact twin-size loveseats accommodate one person and measure only 45 to 51 inches long with a depth of 28 inches.
  • The small, standard loveseats measure 52 inches long from one arm to the other.
  • The medium loveseats are a bit bigger than the small versions, measuring 58 inches long form one arm to another.
  • Full loveseats are ideal for the bigger built couple because it measures 64 inches from one arm to another and is comfortable for bulkier people.
  • And if you are looking for something really big, then there’s the loveseat sofa measuring 71 inches in length from an arm to another.

While length it is important, there are other dimensions you also have to check. For example, while loveseats are usually 20-21 inches above the floor, sometimes its physical appearance or aesthetics can be deceiving. Sleek and trim loveseats which measure the same as overstuffed loveseats with round padded arms and puffy back cushions generally look smaller in a room.

Differences between loveseats and settees

In case you ever wondered what the difference between a loveseat and settee is, you’ve now found your answer. Loveseats come in various styles but the most unique feature about it is that it has individual sections so that each person can sit in a section. 

While the contemporarily designed loveseats may not have distinct seating options, they are small enough for two grown-up people to comfortably sit on. Loveseats may come with upholstered arms or without any back or even have low backs with relatively high placed armrests.

Settees are usually long wooden benches with an average sized sofa. It usually has a back and arms and comfortably seats at least three people. Settees are available in various styles like the contemporary models that have legs there are the more modern designs with upholstery but no obvious legs. They are bought either alone or can be included in your living room furniture.

So looking at the two, it’s quite obvious that the main differences between the two are that:

i. Loveseats can hold only two people while settees can fit more than two people.

ii. Another difference is that while settees always come with a back, loveseats have backs, are backless or have a low back.

iii. Settees are also available as a two-in-one sleeper sofa to use as an extra bed if there’s no space or if there are guests. However, loveseats can at the most accommodate only a small child who will be able to snuggle within the two seats.

iv. And lastly, while loveseats are usually sold as an individual piece of furniture, sectional sofas come with pieces to add or remove as required. 

You have to make your choice between the two based on where you want to use it, and how you plan to arrange your furniture in the existing space. While most people use loveseats in their living rooms, there are others who use it more for decorative reasons and not actually for seating purposes.  

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