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All You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Coffee Table

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All You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Coffee Table

The coffee table is used as a centerpiece in the living room, in the midst of your chairs and sofa. It may not have any special features but will usually compliment your interiors to make a statement and blend well with it.

It’s a piece of furniture that’s not meant to just improve the room’s style or design. It’s more needed and used for its functionality. It is ideal as a stand for your things can store things if it has a shelf or drawer and can also be used as a focal point.

If you want to choose and buy a coffee table that’s not only good to look at, but also maximizes space, then it’s worth making your choice based on the following information. 

i. New or replacement table

It’s easier for you to choose if you are buying new table to replace your old one. You just have to list out the reasons you want to buy a new table, and if there are any improvements you need in the new one.

Of course, if you loved the old table, and are just buying a new one because it looks old, then you just buy a new table. However things change a lot if you are buying your first coffee table. You’ll have to bear the following points in mind


ii. Budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend for the table. There is no fixed rule for this, jut your own budget and comfort. It may not necessarily be cheap but you have to look for a table that’s within your price range. 


iii. Room You’ll Be Using it In

       •  If it’s the living room, then look for a more or less formally designed coffee table. As the living room is where most of your guests will be, it’s     
          better to look for a decoratively styled table, with perhaps a glass top. 

          However also do remember that a glass top can get dangerous if you have pets or children at home. There’s a chance of their climbing onto the
          table, which can lead to cracks and injuries.

       •  If it’s going to be used in your family room, look for something more functional than decorative. It’s better to avoid glass tops here.         

             They may end up looking messy when covered with finger marks and scratches. Besides, they are once again risky for children and pets,
          especially if they don’t have frames.
Look for table that will stand out from the other furniture in the room if you will be using it as the room’s centerpiece. This means that tables
          that are exceptionally stylish or having a special material, surface finish or size make a better choice.


iv. Table Shape

You can also decide on the table shape based on the room size.

         •  If it’s a small room, then look for a rectangular or oval shaped coffee table. It adds some length to the room.
       •  Round or oval tables that don’t have sharp corners make a safe buy if you have children at home.
       •  Square and round tables go well in most seating configurations like in front of the sofa.
       •  Sometimes tables with patterned sides and shelves may not blend well with your interiors. Keep the side designs and shelf in mind while making
           your choice. Sometimes table with designs aren’t practical in use and are only decorative in looks and function.

v. Table size

There are a few measurements you need to take to ensure you buy the right sized coffee table that fits the room interiors.
       •  First measure the amount of free space you have in the room and the space required for the table.
       •  If you plan or have to move your existing furniture around to fit the table in, make sure there’s enough leg space when you sit down.
       •  Don’t forget to measure your furniture height so that the coffee table aligns well without any risk of your bumping and falling down.

          If you will be placing food and drinks on the table, then it should measure 2 inches lower than the sofa or chair. But don’t buy coffee tables that
          are an inch taller than your sofa.

vi. Color

You should choose the table color based on your room’s existing color scheme. Look for a table that isn’t too contrasting with the color of your interiors.

vii. Material

Choose the material based on your cleaning habits. This means if you don’t have the time to clean your home everyday, then it’s better to avoid buying tables with surfaces that easily stain like glass or glossy materials. Something sturdier like a wood table makes a better choice here.

Look for something durable, like a wood or metal coffee table, if you plan to be placing heavy things on it or if you have children and pets running around all day long. If there’s no risk of kids or if you won’t be placing anything heavy on it, then something delicate will do.

A round table goes well in a room with lots of curvy furniture. However a square or rectangular coffee table is a better buy if there are lots of angles and hard lines in the rom.

viii. Functionality

       •  If you plan to use the table to store things like the remote control and some magazines in them, look for one with a bottom storage shelf. There
          are also tables with storage boxes or drawers to keep things in them, out of view.

         •  If you are looking for something convenient, then look for a table with a removable top. It makes the task of rearranging the table nearer to the
          sofa or chair much easier. Besides, tables with a removable table-top generally have some boxed-in storage area too.

         •  You will prefer investing in a table where you can adjust its leg height if you plan to move your furniture around a lot. In fact, adjustable legs let            you use the table at various heights.
It’s better to put some protective caps on the legs of the table to prevent the legs from scratching your floor
         • There are also coffee tables with wheels which make it so much easier to move the table around. However it’s also important that the wheels on
             the table can be locked in so that there’s no risk of it rolling around when you have your drinks or beverages on them.

You should now finally be able to find the perfect coffee table befitting your budget, interiors and room size.

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