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Ballin' on a Budget : Decor for your new apartment.

Ball out.
There are a ton of things to keep in mind when deciding how to decorate and furnish your new apartment. Don’t let the multitude of options throw you for a loop! Stick to your pre-planned budget and dive right in!

Exclusive is here to help lay down a few ground rules and get you through this as painlessly as possible. Got your budget read? Got an idea for your overall look and feel for furniture and accessories? K, let’s go.


Treat yourself?


Here’s the thing: everyone wants the best of the best. Everyone wants to feel the extra plushiness of an over stuffed couch against their backside as they browse Netflix on a massive TV set up in a giant entertainment system that displays all their cool things. But, can you afford that? Can you still sleep comfortably and sit at an actual table and enjoy your dinner once you’ve finished that binge watch session? Probably not. And for those who can, 100% treat yourself at every turn, the rest of us will ball on a budget.



-          STICK. TO. YOUR. BUDGET

: Don’t get it because it’s cool. Get what you need. You don’t need that neon beer sign, bruh, you need a bed.




: Yeah, big tv’s are dope, but have you ever slept super well all night long? That kind of stuff is important to your overall happiness and is worth a larger share of your budget. Spend it on a solid mattress and thank us later because that mattress is going to be your best friend for years and years.


Some purchases are just more important than others, plain and simple. Spend on the good, make that last, accessorize later on.

Tempurpedic Pro-adapt medium queen mattress




Besides having a comfortable bed, which you spend so much time in, you’re going to need comfortable seating that can also last you a while. If you aren’t sure about the overall look and feel of the décor you want in your place, let us help you out a little. You want grown up vibes.  That means a sofa or loveseat that can fit you and that special someone on comfortably and perhaps an accent chair to really fill that space, and so you seem like the greatest host with seats-a-plenty.

Florence Living Room Set


If you’ve kept up with our blogs before, then you saw the Dummies Guide for Loveseats we put out but here’s the link in case you slept on that:



Basically, loveseats, or apartment sized sofas, are the best bet for getting a solid seating option in your new apartment, not blowing your budget and appearing super grown to your adoring friend base. There are a ton of options for the first time sofa buyer, and it can be a lot to take in, so follow listen up.




: We cannot stress this enough. Stay within your budget guidelines and that will cut so many nonviable options from your browse list.


-          SIZE MATTERS

: What size is the room your furnishing? How much of that room are you willing to dedicate to a piece of furniture? DID YOU MEASURE THAT OUT BEFORE YOU STARTED SHOPPING? You probably should. This will also aide in eliminating options that just won’t work for you, making it easier to find exactly what you want and need.



: By viewing our list of available apartment sized sofas and around what they will cost you can help you further prepare for this endeavor.

Here’s that list:




Do I need a dining room set?


Honestly, this is on you. Have space for it? Are you willing to dedicate that space to a dining room set? Is there room left in your budget to go for this? Is this part of your overall vibe?

If you’re answering yes to a majority of these, then yeah, go for it. A dining set can add that little touch of class to your space and provide additional and uniform seating for whomever you decide to have over. Nothing worse than having the homies sit on the floor or some old, mix matched stools you found driving through your neighborhood that one night.  If sitting for your meals in a dedicated area isn’t really your thing, think of it as part of your overall hosting vibe.

A solid, fitted dining set can also double as desk space for the students out there trying to make the most of limited space but still want to appear as if they are living their best life.


Here is a list of available dining/ bar sets that could certainly work in an apartment and will last you a while:



 Counter Height Table 5 Piece



Listen, do your homework and things will be just fine. Plan and budget. Stay within those confines and your nice new pad will be fully fitted and your wallet won’t be too stressed. Figure out before hand what your big ticket items are going to be, while realizing their importance, and knock those out first. Take your measurements, and measure your doors please, make sure that sofa is going to be an indoor sofa when you get home. And remember, no dumb purchases your first time around. Get what you need. Browsing online before hand is super helpful, curate that look and make it fit that budget!!


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