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Ver-Tex® Fabric

Our cool-to-the-touch material is woven with near-metallic fibers that conduct heat away from the body and act as an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

Dri-Tec® Fabric

Our moisture-wicking material is a three-layer weave of fibers engineered to wick away dampness and excess warmth instantly.

Air-X® Fabric

Our air flow material acts as a three-dimensional channel to vent warm air from the core of your pillow or mattress.

Hyper-Cotton™ Fabric

Our blended eco-fabric provides all the perks of natural cotton—softness, a comforting, traditional feel—with added flexibility and temperature regulation.

React® Foam

Our answer to memory foam, the React fill contours to you for weightless support. Made with breathable materials, this softer foam won’t trap heat or feel stuffy.

Boost® Foam

Unlike bouncier materials that tend to “push back,” our firmer Boost fill provides a gentle, satisfying lift—while allowing air to pass through to prevent overheating.

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