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You spend a third of your life sleeping, so do it well. A beautiful bedroom is not only pleasing to the eye but a gateway to better health. Searching for a new bedroom set or vanity? You’re in the right place – Exclusive has the perfect piece for your home. 



After a long day of work, kick off your shoes as you rest on the elegant bedroom bench. Reward your diligence with one of our King size Bedroom Sets or Queen Size Bedroom sets. Let our bedroom sets establish the tone for relaxation as you prepare your body for an easy going regeneration of the mind, soul, and body.




Sleep like royalty with our exquisite King, Queen, Full, or Twin size beds. Escape your daytime responsibilities and usher in a sweet resting phase. Rest assured if you possess one of our various bed sizes or bunk beds, you will be sleeping like kings and queens.




If you are in need of a piece of furniture that is attractive to the human eye and provides ample storage, then a chest is the missing piece of the puzzle. From traditional styled to smooth contemporary styled chests, your requirements for you perfect chest have been considered in every aspect of the design. We proud to offer the chest of your dreams for a price you have never dreamed of.  




Add classic ornamentation to give your bedroom the edge with a dresser from our collection of finely crafted dressers. Our variety of dressers are bound to help you kickstart your day even as you admire your reflection through a complimentary bedroom mirror. As you witness your bedroom evolving into the safe haven of your dreams, make use of the drawers to store anything from your personal items to precious keepsakes.




As you read a drama filled novel in bed, it’s easy to become engaged in the story. Animate your novels by utilizing our wooden nightstands that come in modern or traditional styles. Our nightstands will encourage you to keep your imagination alive by securing your night lamp and other accessories.




With our luxurious bedroom vanities, allow us the pleasure in giving you the best materials to help you feel and look like a star. Within the vanity set comes a glossy mirror and elegant dressers to aid in your epic transformation into the best version of yourself.




A great way to add style to your bed is by adding a comfortable bedroom bench. Our bedroom benches are great for resting or even putting on shoes in the morning. We offer you both leather bedroom benches and fabric bedroom benches with exquisite woodwork on the legs.


bedroom mirrors


Our landscape mirrors and portrait mirrors come in many decorative styles. Their embellishing essence will not deter the overall style of your bedroom. We guarantee you will discover a bedroom mirror that best suits you and the stylish aesthetic of your bedroom.


kids bedrooms


After a long day as a firefighter or a treasure hunter, your little one needs a place to rest their body and vivid imagination. From bunk beds to twin beds the possibilities are endless when finding the perfect arrangement for your child's bedroom. Explore our collection of kids bedrooms that are fit for your princess, scientist, or explorer.


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This Empire bedroom collection will bring out the class in your home with studded luxury fabrics wood grain style, and extra storage space.
This set includes:
(1) HB/FB/Rails
(1) Empire Queen Bed
(1) Empire Nightstand
(1) Empire Mirror
(1) Empire Dresser

Queen Bed: 69" W x 82" D x 66" H
Nightstand: 28" W x 18" D x 29" H
Mirror: 48" W x 1.75" D x 38" H
Dresser: 66" W x 20" D x 38" H


Polished and sophisticated, the Celia bedroom set captures the essence of contemporary styling. The cream colored finish is counterpointed with chrome trim and feet, dramatic swirly white ash veneers, and a high gloss finish. Acrylic hardware brings the look home.
This Set Includes:
(1) Celia Queen Bed
(1) Celia Nightstand
(1) Celia Mirror
(1) Celia Dresser

Queen Bed: 64" W x 92" D x 64" H
Nightstand: 46.0" W x 18.0" D x 42.0" H
Mirror: 42" W x 2" D x 38" H
Dresser: 66" W x 18" D x 38" H


To complement the lustrous finish on the Midnight Diva it has bright jewelry inspired hardware and mirrored panels along with quality craftsmanship.
This set includes:
(1) Diva Midnight Queen Bed
(1) Diva Midnight Nightstand
(1) Diva Midnight Mirror
(1) Diva Midnight Dresser

Queen Bed: 66" W x 88" D x 66" H
Nightstand: 30" W x 18" D x 29" H
Mirror: 44" W x 3" D x 40" H
Dresser: 68" W x 19" D x 38" H


The elegant yet unexpected combination of wood and tufted upholstery comes together in the Chalet Nero queen bedroom set. The perfect addition to create a truly romantic feel in your home with its rustic charm, soft fabric accent and nailhead trim.

This set includes:
(1) Chalet Nero HB/FB/Rails
(1) Chalet Nero Nightstand
(1) Chalet Nero Dresser
(1) Chalet Nero Mirror

Queen bed: 67" W x 95" D x 58" H
Dresser: 69" W x 20" D x 42" H
Mirror: 47" W x 3.5" D x 43.25" H
Nightstand: 30" W x 18" D x 32" H


Bring the beauty of vintage casual design to life with our replicated oak grain bedroom set.
This set includes:
(1) Bradley HB/FB/Rails
(1) Bradley Nightstand
(1) Bradley Mirror
(1) Bradley Dresser

Queen bed: 63" W X 86" D X 54" H
Nightstand: 24" W X 16" D X 29" H
Mirror: 39.80" W X 2.48" D X 32.87" H
Dresser: 34" W X 16" D X 54"H


This aged silver patina finish is elegant and sumptuous. Brianna invites you to your own sanctuary of luxury.
This set includes:
(1) Brianna Queen Bed
(1) Brianna Nightstand
(1) Brianna Mirror
(1) Brianna Dresser

Queen Bed: 68" W x 95" D x 64" H
Nightstand: 20" W x 32" D x 32.3" H
Dresser: 70" W x 21" D x 41" H
Mirror: 57" W x 2" D x 42" H