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Blog posts of '2018' 'September'

All You Need To Know About Buying Curio Cabinets Most people wonder why the word ‘curio’ is attached to the word cabinet when it is a piece of furniture that is about the same as china cabinets. While it is true that the two have many similarities, there are also some distinct differences between the two. China cabinets are generally used for the sole purpose of displaying chinaware and have enclosed sides. On the contrary, curio cabinets come with glass sides and a mirrored back.
Why You Should Buy a Tempur-Pedic Mattress It is a known fact that everyone needs eight hours of sleep a day. However not many realize that it’s about a third of a day, which in turn means you spend a third of your life sleeping! With your spending so much time on the bed, you may as well make sure you sleep on one of the best, good quality beds, like the Tempurpedic mattress.
Ever Wonder Why You Need a Mattress Protector?

Ever Wonder Why You Need a Mattress Protector?

You may wonder: "What does a mattress need protection from?" or "Why do you actually have to buy a mattress protector, especially if you don’t have kids who may wet the bed?" Well, not many people are aware that it is not only urine that can soil mattresses. There are so many other fluids that the human body produces, and which can, in the long run, spoil your mattress.

After spending so much on a quality mattress, it’s natural that you have to take proper care of it so that the investment lasts for years to come. And as you will be using the mattress every day, it’s only logical that you should do something to protect it.

It’s not enough to just have a clean bed sheet on the mattress as it may not be of much help if the mattress below is dirty, wet or dusty. You have to use a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector atop it, especially if you have kids around to not only protect your mattress but also your family’s health.

The Complete Buying Guide for Home Office Furniture

The Complete Buying Guide for Home Office Furniture

Working from home is a common practice nowadays which an increasing number of people practice. Most of the time people start working with whatever equipment and furniture they have and don’t bother or think that they have to invest in some home office furniture.

Many a time it is the feel and looks of home office furniture in your room that increases your work commitment and productivity. You tend to get reminded that you are in ‘work mode’ at home, and cannot afford to waste time or procrastinate.

Besides, sometimes the existing furniture you have at home may not be comfortable or right for your work. It may, in turn, lead to complications like back; wrist and neck ache because it is not ergonomically designed and meant to be used as office furniture.


How to Choose a File Cabinet that Keeps Your Home Office Organized

How to Choose a File Cabinet that Keeps Your Home Office Organized

home office has to be just as well organized, neat and tidy as any office should be. Most people who work from home fail to keep things organized, which leads to reduced productivity and work done. Besides a desk tidy, drawers and files, you also need a file cabinet to keep your files and documents organized and well in order.

Yes, despite the major transformations that have taken place in the storage of data and important documents over the years, the file cabinet is still used. This is because there are lots of agreements and contracts written on hard copies. This is where a file cabinet proves useful to keep the files well organized and easily accessible when in need.

With a filing cabinet around, you no longer need to hurriedly stuff all your important papers onto desk drawers just because you don’t know where to store them. You can store all your important documents in it, which helps keep you organized, rid of unnecessary clutter and provides easy and convenient access to documents.

The Right Throw Pillows Can Entirely Change a Room

The Right Throw Pillows Can Entirely Change a Room

One of the best, easiest and most cost-effective means to add some color and spice to any room is by changing the throw pillows. Yes, pillows of a different material and color or tone can give a completely different look and feel to the room.

However there are so many materials, shapes, textures, sizes and colors to choose from, you may need a little help in selecting the right pillows for your room. This is where this mini buying guide should prove helpful.

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

It’s no doubt that the dining table is the focal point of your home as it’s usually the only one place everyone sits together to talk and discuss things over food. The dining table is where you have your meals, and as they say, families that eat together stay together. 

This is possible only if you have the right dining table which comfortably seats everyone. This is why you can’t just move ahead and buy one. You need to do your share of research so that you find the table that best fits your dining room and family. Here are the important features to bear in mind while looking for the best dining table.

Mirrors: A Decorator's Best Friend Did you know that a mirror does more than show your reflection? It is considered a decorator’s best friend because if well placed, it can fill your room with natural light. It helps enhance views, dark and small rooms look brighter and bigger by extending walls and generally add some oomph to the decor. Remember this: mirrors create more than reflections when placed properly.

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