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Blog posts of '2019' 'August'

Home Design: 5 Keys to Creating a Self-Care Bedroom

In recent times, the self-care craze has wedged itself into every corner of life, yet don’t be alarmed. This is a good thing! The year 2019 is the perfect chance for interior design to capitalize on self-care as well. From selecting the right furniture to incorporating the best color patterns, these...
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Maximalism 101: Redesign Your Teenager’s Room
If anyone loves spending time in a single room, it’s most likely your teenager who is constantly retreating to their quarters. However, don’t let their bedroom become a closed-off lair that’s far removed from plain sight. Thanks to 2019’s bold new trend of maximalism, you can let your kid share thei...
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Tips For Decorating a Gender Neutral Bedroom For Kids
“Gender neutral” is a term you may be hearing more and more often these days. So as far as being trendy is concerned, we are going to walk you through a simple set up for a gender- neutral child’s room.  

The key is not to try and avoid pinks or blues as gender identifying colors, but to accentua...

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