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Relaxing Living Room Ideas

Your living room is likely the heart of your home. Especially if you have kids or like to host people to gather in your house.

For a room that you spend so much time in, you want to make your living room a relaxing space – a space that is simple, cozy, and free from chaos and clutter.

Use these relaxing living room ideas to warm up your space and keep it comfortable!

Relaxing Living Room Ideas

Create Storage

Keeping clutter off the ground is key to making your space more relaxing. Picking out a console or ottoman that has storage is a great option.

If you have a small living room – get some cute baskets to stores toys, blankets, or other items that usually make your space messy.

Don’t Fill Every Space

We have purposefully left the center area of our living room open – with no coffee table or ottoman – so that there was more space to play for our kids.

We spend a lot of time in our living room as a family or with friends. It is nice to have more space for dance parties and toy car races.

Get a comfortable rug

In our season of life with two little kids, we spend a lot of time on our living room rug. We lay down to color pictures of princesses or flip through books about construction equipment. We also lay down all of our pillows and blankets and build forts on our living room floor.

Having a comfortable rug is a crucial part of making all that floor work manageable for two parents in their 30s. We put a rug pad under our rug for a little extra cushion and to keep it from sliding out of place.

A rug is also one of the easiest pieces of your main furniture and decor to change out when you start feeling the itch to redecorate.

Rugs come in so many different patterns, you can even change them out for the season. I have been updating the rugs in our home and using Exclusive Furniture’s selection as my inspiration.

Their rugs are extremely affordable, which makes changing up the look of your living room really cost-effective.

They are a family-owned business based in Houston (and I love supporting my local economy) and they do a great job at serving their customers and the community.

Exclusive Furniture has store locations all around the city of Houston, and I really enjoy stopping in and browsing all of their current deals. Plus they frequently have family-friendly events and serve snacks, coffee, and wine (YES!) in-store.

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