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Find the Perfect Furniture for Your Child's Room at Exclusive Furniture

How to Select KidsFurniture for Your Childs Room 

Modern Kid's room

Finding the best kidsfurniture for your childs room may feel overwhelming. Theres such a wide array of options available today. Whether youre a new parent or expecting another child, you dont want to spend hours looking over different types of bedroom furniture.

At Exclusive Furniture, we understand the importance of finding the right pieces for your home. From living room sets to bedroom sets, we strive to offer everything a family needs at our many convenient locations

Weve put together this guide to help parents in their search for quality kidsfurniture. 

Finding the Right Changing Table 

When it comes to kidsroom furniture, changing tables are essential for babies and toddlers. Oftentimes, the prime concern is safety. You need to choose a changing table that is sturdy and constructed with a safety strap and a low guardrail to prevent a wriggler from falling. We know you would never leave a child unattended, but kids seem to have this innate ability to move when you least expect it! 

Remember that storage is an important component of changing tables. When you choose a model with lower shelves, it provides convenient storage space for diapers and baby clothes. Moreover, it adds to the tables stability and safety.

Even after your child knows how to use the toilet, a versatile changing table can double as an area for storage and display. Some couples even modify a chest of drawers to act as a changing table! 

Toy Chests and Kids
Furniture Storage 

As your kids grow, their toys often become smaller. From blocks to craft beads, toys can become an irritating and dangerous hazard. When you need to keep small toys out of reach, you may want to consider adding a new storage option to your childs room. Benches with storage make a great accent for entryways.

However, the right design can double as a toy chest for your toddler, with the added convenience of a padded seating area for them to relax and read as they grow. Easy to access storage brings an increased level of convenience and safety to any childs room. 

When your child begins grade school, theyll come to appreciate kidsfurniture and systems that help them stay organized. From sports equipment to homework and personal treasures, the right furniture can grow in use alongside your child. 

The Classic Nightstand 

When your child no longer needs a crib, a nightstand offers a handy space to store and display their favorite things. Whether they need a place for water or their bedtime storybooks, look for a simple, sturdy, and safe nightstand. Find one with rounded corners to boost safety, and it can be helpful to have an open shelf or drawer as well. 

For smaller kids and rowdier big kids, you may want to resist the urge for a table lamp. Consider a wall-mounted light instead, leaving the nightstand as a space for their more unbreakable treasures. 

Kids Furniture for Desks and Study Space

A good place to study and do homework is essential. Nowadays, homework often involves a computer as well as handwritten projects. Oftentimes, computer desks offer a drop-down tray for keyboards, making it much more convenient to switch between the two. 

Younger children will likely be happy with a table and chair at their height, and some older kids will prefer finding their own space to do homework. However, crafting a good space just for them shows your kid that you are serious about their homework. Desks also make it easier for kids to organize and keep track of their materials. 

Find the Right Fit for KidsFurniture at Exclusive 

When youre ready to put together a beautiful room for your child, Exclusive Furniture has what you need. We have a lovely selection of kidsfurniture that can meet a number of diverse style preferences. Whether you need kids' bedding or a bunk bed, we're here to help.

Visit one of our convenient locations, and let us help you curate your home solutions. Our sales associates are always ready to help you find the right furniture for your family. 

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How to Find the Perfect Color Scheme

Finding a Color Scheme for Your Furniture 

Crafting a color scheme in your home is more than paint color. Whether your living room color palette evolves as you go or you plan your whole house at once, each room as a color scheme. Your furniture needs to work within this scheme.

However, choosing the right colors isnt always easy. Thats why Exclusive Furniture is here with helpful tips to determine your color palette. 

Couple Finding Perfect Color Scheme for their Furniture

How Do I Choose a Color Palette for My House? 

Are you ready to begin planning the palette of your house? The basics of color theory can help your scheme emerge in no time. Your color palette has the power to set the mood for a room. Moreover, it has the potential to evoke emotion when people spend time in it.

Color can make rooms feel warmer, cooler, smaller, and larger. The right color combinations have the power to create balance, emphasis, harmony, and unity. 

The Temperature of Your Color Scheme 

Warm and cool colors are an important aspect of color theory. Warm colors range from yellow to red and often include browns. On the other hand, cool colors range from blue-green to blue-violet and typically include grays. For art and design, warm colors appear more active as cool colors recede. 

          Warm colors derive from the primary colors of yellow, red, and orange. Typically, they evoke a warm feeling like a campfire or a sunrise. 

          Cool colors derive from violet, green, and blue. They tend to evoke a cooler, earthy element like water or greenery. 

What Colors Are Warm And Inviting? 

          Red can bring warmth to any setting. Oftentimes, people utilize red on a seasonal basis when they want to evoke this sense of warmth. 

          Pink can be a bold statement piece in furniture, offering vigor to your color scheme while remaining inviting. 

          Gold is darker than a standard yellow, often feeling warm and inviting without an overwhelming sense of exuberance. 

          Peach is a combination of many warm colors that can be quite tasteful and inviting. 

          Brown is a neutral color that works well within a warm color scheme. This is especially true when you mix it with deeper warm colors. 

          Tangerine has more of a pumpkin tint in its purest form and is a lovely hue for autumn. 

          White is generally neutral. However, a creamy, warm white fosters a sense of coziness in the right situation. 

Examples of Cool Colors 

          Deep purple works well with warmer blues and can be an excellent option as an accent color. 

          Beige is often thought of as a neutral color, but a cool beige is a trendy version that uses a pink base. 

          Sage is a calm alternative to grey that evokes more emotion than white. This green-based color adds soothing feelings to a room. 

          Green is earthy and grounding, offering a fresh and lively feel that makes a color scheme bold yet natural. 

          Navy blue is timeless as a dark look, and it goes well with neutral accents. Mix it with a grey or deep purple for a color scheme that is all-cool with a lot of flair. 

          Light blue is a brighter cool color that can both enliven and calm a color scheme, depending on how you utilize it. 

          Grey is the definition of neutral. However, it complements cool colors quite well. 

The Three Basic Color Schemes 

When you use a three-color design scheme, an easy option is the rule of three” when you mix warm and cool colors. 

          60% of the components are a dominant color, typically applied to the walls.

          30% is a secondary color, usually utilized in your furniture, such as a living room set.

          10% is an accent color, such as an accent wall or your accessories in the room. 

Any color can be dominant in your color scheme. However, its important to choose something that you can live with. Three basic color schemes work well across the board. 

          Monochromatic color schemes have different shades of the same hue. 

          Analogous color schemes use three hues that neighbor each other, such as blue, green, and yellow. However, they do not necessarily need to be adjacent in the color wheel. 

          Complementary color schemes utilize opposite colors with one warm color and one cool color. 

Find Your Color Palette with Exclusive Furniture 

As you determine your color scheme, peruse the vast inventory Exclusive Furniture has to match your style. We have a beautiful selection of living room furniture as well as bedroom sets. 

Visit one of our convenient locations, and let us help you curate your home solutions. When your palette is set, our sales associates can assist you in finding the best furniture to suit your style. 

What Feeds Our Need to Buy Furniture Why do we buy furniture, which occasions cause us to have the need to purchase new furniture? Comfort, new family additions, or even an empty nest. Read on to learn more about why, we as humans, have the need to buy furniture.
Choosing the Right Bedroom Set for You

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Set 

Finding the right bedroom set for your home is an incredibly important venture. Our bedrooms are a safe space for us to unwind, relax, read, and find comfort. Sprucing up your bedroom can be an invigorating experience. However, many of our customers find that familiar fear starts to creep in when they consider the price tag and cost of making a mistake. 

Luckily, selecting new bedroom furniture is much easier after you ask yourself a few questions. With these in mind, you can head to the showrooms at one of our many convenient locations or shop our online store. Take a look at these considerations and review them before you make that new bedroom set purchase. 


Who Is the Bedroom Set For? 

Is this new bedroom set for your master bedroom, a guest room, or your childs bedroom? Its important to consider the personality of the person who spends the most time in the room. Reflect their personality in the design and color of your bedroom set. These are the key components that establish a bedroom design. 


Consider the Overall Design

As far as design goes, the two main categories are contemporary and traditional. However, each of these is an umbrella term that covers many offshoots. 

Fans of anything contemporary will likely want to revamp their bedroom set once a decade. This is because the contemporary design is an ever-evolving trend that shifts with the style and taste of the times. Sometimes also called modern, these styles change and grow over time but typically have some common elements that hold steady. Oftentimes, contemporary bedroom sets are modular, sleek, and free of clutter. 

On the other hand, the traditional design offers a more classic look. This design style typically includes European elements, with more of a focus on ornamentation and curves. If you dont want to stay in one category, you may want to consider a transitional design. With this mindset, you look for a balance between traditional and contemporary. 


Look for Quality in Your Bedroom Set 

A bedroom set is an investment, so its important to look for high-quality furniture. This is especially true for a master bedroom while a childs tastes and needs will likely change over time. Either way, the bedroom is where we spend the majority of our time. As important as the bedroom set is, its equally important to finding a quality mattress

Treat your body to the support that it needs and be sure to give yourself the restful sleep that you need. When you need to be frugal, consider financing options or shopping the hot deals regularly on offer. 


The Size of the Bedroom 

When it comes to the room-to-furniture ratio, the balance is crucial. The size of your bedroom set needs to be in balance with the size of the bedroom. While you peruse our showrooms, you might envision it in your room.

Its important to consider the actual sizes, though. In doing so, youll find a much stronger balance between your room and your bedroom furniture.

What Does Your Bedroom Need? 

Whether youre replacing your bedroom set, moving to your first apartment or buying a few pieces, its important to have a plan and know what you need. Do you share a bedroom with your partner? If so, you might need two nightstands. 

Is there an exceptional height difference between you and your partner? Choose a bedroom set without a footboard so that no one ever feels cramped. Your bedroom furniture needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Likewise, look for a dresser chest that you like that offers the amount of storage you need. Never ignore obvious signs that furniture wont be functional for you! Similarly, you should consider your lifestyle.

Whats your idea of the perfect Sunday morning? Is your whole family piled into your bed, or do your kids sleep in their own beds? How does the family pet fit into your home? Look for a piece of bedroom furniture roomy enough for you and any and all visitors you might have. 


Do You Want a Matched Bedroom Set? 

While it can be nice to have a perfectly matched bedroom set, it isnt the right choice for everyone. These sets look incredible in traditional and formal rooms. However, in more casual styles, the matching can feel a bit boring.

Instead, you might be able to piece together a few of your favorite items. You can find a variety of pieces that complement each other but do not perfectly match. 


Build Your Bedroom at Exclusive Furniture 

When youre on the hunt for a beautiful bedroom set or looking to piece together your dream bedroom, Exclusive Furniture has what you need. We have a lovely selection of bedroom furniture that suits a broad spectrum of style preferences. 

Visit one of our convenient locations and let us help you curate your home solutions. Our sales associates are ready to help you find the furniture that suits you. 

Coffee Tables as Essential Living Room Furniture

Coffee Tables as Essential Living Room Furniture 

Many of our customers ask us questions, and one of the most common questions about living room furniture is whether they need a coffee table. Any interior designer in Houston will tell you that function is more important than form. After you spend your time and money curating a beautiful room, why wouldnt you want to use it? 

It is vital that you consider how youll use a space before you start shopping for living room furniture. The humble coffee table is no exception to this rule. When it comes to living rooms, think about how you spend your time there: watching TV, relaxing with family, hosting friends, etc. Your living room furniture should be designed for comfort. 

Enter the Coffee Table 

After your seating, the coffee table is perhaps the most important piece of living room furniture you have. This is because it holds drinks, remotes, books, magazines, video games, etc.

It can also be a place for you to put up your feet. Every living room needs a coffee table. Today, we want to help walk you through what you need to consider before you select one. As a dining table, the coffee table is an important aspect of living room sets. It needs to blend well with your accent chairs or sectional sofas.

Coffee Table Size 

A room planner tool is an excellent way to layout your living room furniture. Your coffee table should be about 14-18 inches away from any seating that you cluster around it. Once you have a good floor plan for your living room furniture, you should be able to judge what size of the coffee table your home needs. If your living room is quite large, you might even consider two coffee tables next to each other. 

Consider Shape in Relation to Your Living Room Furniture 

Different spaces and different living room furniture layouts will lead you to a variety of shape options. Heres something important to consider, though. When your layout is closed off, a square or rectangular coffee table works perfectly. 

If your living room is a pass-through, where people walk around the coffee table often, a round table will work best. 

When you consider the aesthetics of your living space, its important to balance between rounded and square furniture. If most of your pieces are square, a round coffee table will add more balance. On the other hand, if your sofa has big, curvy arms next to round side tables, a square or rectangular table will bring a wonderful sense of balance to space. 

Finish for Living Room Furniture 

When you design your living space, no room needs to have the same finish on every surface. Similar to shape, a coffee table can bring something new to your living room furniture. Its an excellent way to add a pop of color or a complementary texture to your space. 

For example, if you have more rustic elements in your living room, a shiny coffee table will contrast the rough texture. When watching TV is a big activity in your living room, choose a finish you dont mind putting your feet upon. An example of this might be an upholstered ottoman or a table with a weathered wood finish. 

Styling Your Table 

Once youve picked out a great table, consider adding some accessories. For example, when your family room is for TV time, youll want space to prop your feet up and put down snacks and drinks. Consider a coffee table with a lower shelf or tray where you can store books and other items to leave more room on top. 

When you keep your accessories low, you maintain visibility over the top of the table. Anything too tall will block your line of vision. Here are a few essentials to consider: 

          A box for remotes and anything you use frequently

          Reading material

          A tissue box


A storage coffee table can also be a great way to clear the clutter from your living space.

When Your Living Room Furniture Is a Sectional 

When you have sectional in your living room, you may approach your living room furniture decisions a bit differently. Many sectionals have a chaise, which means you wont need a coffee table to put your feet on. This opens up more material opportunities, like glass or metal. You can also opt for a smaller table because there will be less foot traffic. 

We mentioned shape earlier, and this is an occasion when an oval coffee table will shine. The square angle of the sectional can make your living room feel boxy, so a round table can offer balance. 

Opting for an Ottoman 

Not every living room requires a coffee table per se. In other words, you may want to consider an ottoman or a cluster of side tables in certain instances. In these situations, the important to understand is that you have living room furniture that functions. An ottoman and side table alike can work, depending on how you use your seating area.  

Find Your Dream Living Room Furniture 

Whether youre on the lookout for the perfect coffee table or hunting down an outstanding ottoman, Exclusive Furniture has what any Houston homeowner needs! We have a beautiful selection of living room furniture that will suit a broad spectrum of style and taste preferences. We pride ourselves on helping people curate their home solutions. 

Visit one of our convenient locations around Houston, and our sales associates will help you find the furniture most suited to you!

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