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Choosing the Right Bedroom Set for You

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Set 

Finding the right bedroom set for your home is an incredibly important venture. Our bedrooms are a safe space for us to unwind, relax, read, and find comfort. Sprucing up your bedroom can be an invigorating experience. However, many of our customers find that familiar fear starts to creep in when they consider the price tag and cost of making a mistake. 

Luckily, selecting new bedroom furniture is much easier after you ask yourself a few questions. With these in mind, you can head to the showrooms at one of our many convenient locations or shop our online store. Take a look at these considerations and review them before you make that new bedroom set purchase. 


Who Is the Bedroom Set For? 

Is this new bedroom set for your master bedroom, a guest room, or your childs bedroom? Its important to consider the personality of the person who spends the most time in the room. Reflect their personality in the design and color of your bedroom set. These are the key components that establish a bedroom design. 


Consider the Overall Design

As far as design goes, the two main categories are contemporary and traditional. However, each of these is an umbrella term that covers many offshoots. 

Fans of anything contemporary will likely want to revamp their bedroom set once a decade. This is because the contemporary design is an ever-evolving trend that shifts with the style and taste of the times. Sometimes also called modern, these styles change and grow over time but typically have some common elements that hold steady. Oftentimes, contemporary bedroom sets are modular, sleek, and free of clutter. 

On the other hand, the traditional design offers a more classic look. This design style typically includes European elements, with more of a focus on ornamentation and curves. If you dont want to stay in one category, you may want to consider a transitional design. With this mindset, you look for a balance between traditional and contemporary. 


Look for Quality in Your Bedroom Set 

A bedroom set is an investment, so its important to look for high-quality furniture. This is especially true for a master bedroom while a childs tastes and needs will likely change over time. Either way, the bedroom is where we spend the majority of our time. As important as the bedroom set is, its equally important to finding a quality mattress

Treat your body to the support that it needs and be sure to give yourself the restful sleep that you need. When you need to be frugal, consider financing options or shopping the hot deals regularly on offer. 


The Size of the Bedroom 

When it comes to the room-to-furniture ratio, the balance is crucial. The size of your bedroom set needs to be in balance with the size of the bedroom. While you peruse our showrooms, you might envision it in your room.

Its important to consider the actual sizes, though. In doing so, youll find a much stronger balance between your room and your bedroom furniture.

What Does Your Bedroom Need? 

Whether youre replacing your bedroom set, moving to your first apartment or buying a few pieces, its important to have a plan and know what you need. Do you share a bedroom with your partner? If so, you might need two nightstands. 

Is there an exceptional height difference between you and your partner? Choose a bedroom set without a footboard so that no one ever feels cramped. Your bedroom furniture needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Likewise, look for a dresser chest that you like that offers the amount of storage you need. Never ignore obvious signs that furniture wont be functional for you! Similarly, you should consider your lifestyle.

Whats your idea of the perfect Sunday morning? Is your whole family piled into your bed, or do your kids sleep in their own beds? How does the family pet fit into your home? Look for a piece of bedroom furniture roomy enough for you and any and all visitors you might have. 


Do You Want a Matched Bedroom Set? 

While it can be nice to have a perfectly matched bedroom set, it isnt the right choice for everyone. These sets look incredible in traditional and formal rooms. However, in more casual styles, the matching can feel a bit boring.

Instead, you might be able to piece together a few of your favorite items. You can find a variety of pieces that complement each other but do not perfectly match. 


Build Your Bedroom at Exclusive Furniture 

When youre on the hunt for a beautiful bedroom set or looking to piece together your dream bedroom, Exclusive Furniture has what you need. We have a lovely selection of bedroom furniture that suits a broad spectrum of style preferences. 

Visit one of our convenient locations and let us help you curate your home solutions. Our sales associates are ready to help you find the furniture that suits you. 

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All You Need to Know About Buying Bedroom Furniture

All You Need To Know About Buying Bedroom Furniture 

Most people emphasize only about decorating their living rooms, as this is where they socialize and meet friends. However little do they realize that their bedrooms also need some care and attention because this is the room you want to relax in.

The only way you will feel relaxed in the bedroom is if it’s comfortably furnished with the appropriate bedroom furniture. So no matter if you are redecorating your home, or looking out for your first bedroom furniture set, this guide should help you choose and buy the right, comfortable furniture.

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