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4 Interior Design Trends of 2021 We Just Can’t Get Enough of!

Have you been spending too much time looking at your home and feeling it is time for a refresh? What better way to embrace new beginnings than to capitalize on the hottest interior design trends of this year!

Since home is still where everyone spends the majority of their free time, start by giving your furniture and décor a significant yet easily implemented boost.

Luxurious Interiors to Retreat to

Remember the live-large extravagance of the Roaring Twenties? Of course not, because none of us were there! What makes this Gatsby-era so important is that people today have been pent up for over a year and are ready to party. A century later, modern designers are taking advantage of chic hotel and art deco styles you can incorporate into your home.

We recommend starting with a single statement piece that has a geometric shape or else uses fabric featuring a geometric design. This will set the tone for the grand allure of a ballroom where champagne just keeps on flowing.

Christian Bedroom Set Emirates Bedroom Set London Place Bedroom Set

On top of being comfortable, any couch, chair or ottoman that’s made of velvet will all but scream luxury. Look for monochrome print and bright pops of colored furniture, which will both add plenty of splash as timeless flourishes.
Velvet Green Bench Lily Cream Velvet Accent Chair

And don’t worry, dressing up like a flapper is still optional.

The Home Office as a Focal Point

Working from home lately? We doubt you miss the bland, cramped nature of a corporate cubicle. Inspire your inner creativity throughout each day by making your home office a place where you’ll truly love spending time. To evoke an easy space where you can think clearly and complete task after task, furniture should have crisp clean lines.

For desks and chairs, looking cool is definitely important but so is functionality. We always believe in combining both!

Baraga Office Set Carrington Desk Set

Even if the furniture itself is slightly less intricate, this will set the room up nicely for eye-catching embellishments in the form of desk accessories and wall art. Plenty of impressive personal touches await that will remain professional without overwhelming anybody on those lengthy Zoom calls. 

Yeah, it’s definitely time to exploit this “WFH” opportunity a little more, don’t you think?

Global Influence

Quarantine periods have unfortunately left many of us longing for the good old days of traveling abroad. The good news is you can traverse the planet every day without ever leaving home!

Nothing is more marvelous and awe-inspiring than trying out different global influences which can add some exotic flair to any room in the house. Wood furniture with unique designs in particular adds a warm, inviting feel. Additionally, choosing woven or rattan furniture and accessories can look fantastic inside your home as well as outdoors.
Silvermist Cabinet Wood Carved Cabinet

Another simple but effective way to spice up your home’s décor and add an extra layer of energy is to select furniture pieces with earthy colors such as ivory or cream, slate and even brown. Every time natural light pours through the windows, you’ll feel transported to an Airbnb thousands of miles away.

Verdict: skip the plane ticket and invest in globally inspired décor instead.

Stepping Outside – Go Multi-Functional

As a way to escape the day-to-day routine we experience inside our home, it’s important to focus on your outdoor space as well. First and foremost, the ideal porch or patio needs to be functional, inviting and comfortable. Remember those ultra-chill spring and summer BBQ get-togethers? We’ll all be having them again, and the ultimate key is being welcoming for an entire party or just your own family.

Experiment with an outdoor set that allows you to easily mix and match sections and swap out the color of pillows depending on the occasion or season. The right outdoor table can also transition rapidly from a dining surface to a fire pit to a spot for games and more.

Calremont Outdoor Dining Set Adirondack Chair Outdoor Fire Pit and Table

Making your outdoor area a private, tranquil retreat where spouses, siblings and guests love to gather and have fun can only be considered an enormous accomplishment. Seriously, this will put the “fresh” in fresh air!

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