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5 Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Wooden Dining Table
5 Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Wooden Dining Table
Your wooden dining table needs extra attention from you. It is not like the other furniture that undergoes minimal wear and tear. There will be not only regular scratches from pots and pans but also hot and oily spills that can damage the wood.
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7 Leather Furniture Myths Debunked

7 Furniture Myths Debunked


Leather furniture is beautiful to look at; it spruces up any interior living space. However, despite being so attractive, many people think twice about investing in leather furniture because of the many myths surrounding it.

This article strives to debunk those myths, and instead provide some facts and tips that will help you keep your leather furniture well maintained. With these 7 myths debunked, you will hopefully agree that leather furniture is not difficult to take care of and in fact, requires about the same time and care as any other type of furnishing.

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How to Make Your Recliner Sofa Serve You For Many Years
The sofa is where most people cuddle up and relax with a cup of coffee and a book, watch a movie with friends or even take their afternoon naps. This is what makes the sofa an important and integral piece of furniture for any home. If you have always used a traditional sectional sofa, you can now try experimenting with something different but just as comfortable, in the form of a recliner sofa.
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How to Maintain Antique Home Furniture- 13 Tips
Old is gold is the adage, however only if it’s well taken care of. Even though you have valuable antique home furniture it remains your pride only if it’s well maintained. So if you have some vintage furniture at home, these tips should help you take good care of it to ensure it remains in good shape.
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How to Clean and Maintain Leather Sofas

How to Clean and Maintain Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are a worthy and durable investment that looks great in your home and office, if well-maintained.

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