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A Modern Guide to Mid-Century Gothic

Your Guide to Mid Century Modern Sofas + Furniture

Mid-century modern sofas and other furniture have a style that endures due to a number of factors. This sense of style offers clean lines with gentle, organic curves as it embraced different materials and designers we still idolize today.

While some style historians disagree on when this period started, a rough estimate places mid-century modern sofas in the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s. However, this style has a timeless appeal that homeowners continue to embrace.


The Background on Mid-Century Modern Sofas and More

The mid-century modern style developed in America and grew out of earlier styles. For example, Bauhaus is a style that began in Germany and influenced the design of mid-century modern sofas and other furniture.

While world events can uproot and destroy, they also offer the opportunity to create. This is precisely what happened as a result of World War II as Bauhaus designers migrated to America. After WWII, cities, and suburbs expanded in the U.S. Alongside this expansion, people began to demand more modern furnishings for quickly built homes.

Technological advances then allowed for the production and development of new materials, making it possible to explore new textures, colors, effects, and forms.


What Sets Mid-Century Modern Style Apart

Mid-century modern sofas, along with other furniture of this style, consist of an understated, classic look that offers clean lines.

   Form often follows function because the functionality is an important aspect of the style.

   Materials vary as the style embraces a wide range.

   Designs often feature sleek lines in geometric forms and organic shapes.

   Ornamentation is often minimal in mid-century modern sofas.

   Materials are juxtaposed with different materials - at times even contrasting materials.


Colors and Materials Embraced by Mid-Century Modern Sofas

The new methods of construction as well as the new materials available influenced many mid-century modern designers. Oftentimes, plastic was used for its own qualities as opposed to imitating wooden furniture.

Designers used traditional materials liberally while also embracing non-traditional materials that we see quite often today. These include vinyl, glass, metal, Plexiglass, and plywood. They also embraced a wider array of colors, including neutral and bold colors. At this time, many designers also utilized black and white graphics.


Furnish Your Home with Mid-Century Modern Sofas and Other Furniture

New homeowners often feel intimidated as they tackle a style they love. You’re welcome to embrace the compulsion to replicate the times, but it may be easier to start out by looking for mid-century modern sofas and building from there.

As you begin to furnish your home, understand the distinguishing features of the style. Find pieces that echo those. The style has been adapted and modernized, so there are numerous options available to sate your desires.

When you decide to buy new furniture over vintage, even one large piece can set the tone of your home decor. This is why we recommend starting with a mid-century modern sofa. Visit an Exclusive Furniture near you to view our selection. Our helpful staff is always available to assist you as you peruse.

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