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Daybed or Sleeper Sofa: Which is the Better Choice?

Daybed or Sleeper Sofa: Which is the Better Choice?

 Daybed or Sleeper Sofa: Which is the Better Choice?


It is always nice having guests, and occasionally, they end up sleeping over too if it gets late. However, the problem may be that there may not be enough space in your home for a full guest bedroom. Don’t worry because there’s a solution to the problem, in the form of daybeds and sleeper sofas.

They offer the perfect space-saving sleeping option when you have unexpected guests at home. Though they are both excellent for sleeping and lounging, they work in different ways because of their independent styles and advantages.

If you wonder which to buy, you first need to know what their independent features and advantages are. Then, you will be able to choose the best style between the two.

So what exactly is a daybed?

They are essentially normal twin beds on frames that look very much like a sofa. They usually have wooden or metal arms and back that resembles a bed’s headboard.

The difference here lies in the fact that the headboard runs along the mattress’s long side too and not only on the short side as in the bed frames. There are also daybeds without any arms or head. In this case, you can use plush pillows to create a comfortable back for guests to lean against while sitting on it.

And what is a sleeper sofa?

A sleeper sofa is more like a sofa with a mattress cleverly camouflaged in its’ seat. They are also called fold-out couches and its mattress usually folds into the sofa’s interior compartment.

They look more like any other sofa you see in a living room at first glance. It is only after removing the cushions, and the mattress is unfolded, that you realize that it has a cozy bed.

Comparing the two

You will be able to make a better choice once you see a head-on comparison based on the different features of the two.

1. Usage

While compression is something that affects all types of mattresses, it has different consequences on sleeper sofas and daybeds. If you will be using the furniture more for sitting and infrequently for sleeping, then a sleeper sofa is a better option. They are designed to look more like a sofa with a hidden or fold-away bed compartment. They are also comparatively more comfortable to sit on

However, if you will be using it more for sleeping than sitting, then a daybed is a better choice. This is because it is more comfortable to sleep on as it anyway has an actual mattress. 

2. Practicality of use

If you need something that offers more of storage space for all your towels and linen, or if you want to give guests with someplace to store their belongings, then a daybed is a better choice.

 They usually have additional features like built-in storage baskets, drawers or shelves, and cubicles under the mattress region. Sleeper sofas may have some storage space, which unfortunately is needed more for storing the mattress.

3. Available space in the room

Space is another feature to take into consideration while choosing between the two. This is because standard sleeper sofas expand to as much as 54” wide and 84” long when used for one-person sleeping.

 In case of the more popular queen size options, it can take up as much as 84” in width and 90” in length. This means that there should be enough space in the room to accommodate its mattress when folded out for use.

This is why a daybed is a better choice if space is a constraint, and where you have a small guest room space. While daybeds come in fold-out styles, they retain their size and shape however you use it. So there’s no need of moving anything around to make space for its mattress because it doesn’t expand when used for sleeping.

There are also many daybeds that can be outfitted with a trundle bed that can be conveniently stored under the bed. It proves useful as an additional mattress and sleeping space for the extra guest when needed. The trundle bed has casters to be conveniently pulled out and used when needed, and is easily stored back under the bed after use.

4. Guest size

Who are the guests who may most likely come and a sleepover? Is it someone tall? Is it a couple? This is important because you have to buy furniture that can accommodate them if they sleep over.

There’s no point in buying something too short if your friend who usually stays over is someone tall and lanky. A small mattress may also not be enough if you usually have friends staying over with their small kid.  

So if mattress size is important, then sleeper sofas are better if you have a larger frame and taller people staying over. While daybeds come in twin and full size and some larger options, they can’t beat a sleeper sofa here.

5. Aesthetics

Sleeper sofas don’t actually look like sleeper sofas. They look more like standard sofas, meaning that they blend into and look great in any living room. They come in various styles and colors and are made using various fabric and leather options for you to choose from based on the interiors of your home or room.

Daybeds are also available in various colors and styles ranging from contemporary to classic style to complete your room’s decor. You can also easily complete the daybed’s look using comforters, sheets, blankets, and pillows.

This gives daybeds and advantage, especially if you want to change its looks based on seasons, holidays or your mood. All you have to change are the sheets, comforters, and pillows on it.

So you see, while both daybeds and sleeper sofas seem to be so similar, there’s actually quite a lot of difference between the two. It’s left to you to take a look at their independent features and advantages and make your choice based on your available space, the frequency of use and the guests who will most probably be using it.

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