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DIY Tips for Small Kitchens

Embrace What You Have ||  Ahh Go Crazy,  Ahh Go Stupid || Give a Small Place, Space || Reach New Heights, Space || Roll Out The Carpet

Every now and then, you may find yourself creating the kitchen of your wildest fantasies. You may envision a supernatural whirl of wonder and desire epitomize the very essence of your ideal kitchen with a collection of kitchen appliances that compliment your voracious sense of style. However, when a forecast of disappointment becomes a reality at the realization, it is easy to see why feeling sad is the appropriate emotion in an instance such as this. Worry no longer as we present some helpful tips in turning your small kitchen into your very own cooking haven.



Embrace What You Have

The first step one must take before proceeding in this new quest to transforming a kitchen is to trust what you already have. Being confident in your sense of style and fearless amidst this epic project is one of the most important things to have regardless of the activity.

Just remember that it is okay to be afraid to do something new, but it can only be temporary. Once you overcome the fear and doubt, you won’t be afraid of the cards you were dealt with. Trust and believe that your creativity and wit will help you turn something “decent” into something to be treasured.



Ahh Go Crazy, Ahh Go Stupid!

The next step in conquering this new adventure is to incorporate your version of “perfect” in the transformation of your kitchen. Brainstorm different combinations of color schemes with the style that embodies your requirements. Branding the premises of your kitchen with your own personal touch will provide a warm hearth.

So, go ahead. Go bananas for the sake of your happy heart. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.



Give a Small Place, Space

  • A common ideology about small areas is that they come in small spaces. We won’t debunk this theory, but we can advise on how to make the most of something small. One option is to use floating shelves to help store kitchen appliances and accessories such as blenders, jars, and even your favorite wines and glassware. All you need are some pieces of wood to place on an empty wall. All you have to do is use a cast iron shelf bracket to uphold the pieces of wood to the wall. From there it’s elementary. Just begin placing your kitchen appliances on your brand-new floating shelves. 
  • Another way to create more space in a small area is to use hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are another great tool to use when categorizing organic fruit, snacks, and cooking appliances such as blenders and jars. All that is required are a few wire storage baskets, butterfly hooks, and regular hooks, and extra wood boards.
  • Magnets are Mother Nature’s gift to mankind and refrigerators. A revolutionary way to create more space for your kitchen utensils is to implement a magnetic knife rack. This magnetic mechanism makes a great addition to your kitchen because it takes advantage of the metallic properties in your kitchen knife which would “float” securely.
  • Unusual spots in your kitchen may seem like a waste of space in the beginning, but if you used that unusual spot to your advantage, it won’t seem so useless after all. Using that unusual spot to place a rolling pantry will not only look innovative and cool, but it will help maximize space in even the smallest crook and cranny.
  • In addition to the previous tips, if you have children at home, you don’t want to place certain things so that they aren’t within their grasp. Use your best parental judgment to decipher what belongs closer to the ground as opposed to away from it.


Reach New Heights

  • Suspended Shelving or floating shelves plays a big role in creating space in that the suspending shelves in your kitchen make the architectural design of your kitchen work in your favor. Just keep in mind the measurements of your kitchen to avoid taking up unnecessary space.
  • Cabinets and pantries are a common accessory in the kitchen. Don’t be dismayed if you have plate ware or glassware in your possession. Just implement the be mindful of certain spaces and the best plate ware that fits there when using the stacking method for your dinner plates.


Roll Out The Carpet

  •    Rugs are an underrated accessory when it comes to decorating a home. In the case of a small kitchen, adding a rug eases the cramped feeling while also proving warmth. This great accent piece will bring your kitchen together while creating a spacious illusion.
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