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Ever Wonder Why You Need a Mattress Protector?

You may wonder: "What does a mattress need protection from?" or "Why do you actually have to buy a mattress protector, especially if you don’t have kids who may wet the bed?" Well, not many people are aware that it is not only urine that can soil mattresses. There are so many other fluids that the human body produces, and which can, in the long run, spoil your mattress.

After spending so much on a quality mattress, it’s natural that you have to take proper care of it so that the investment lasts for years to come. And as you will be using the mattress every day, it’s only logical that you should do something to protect it.

It’s not enough to just have a clean bed sheet on the mattress as it may not be of much help if the mattress below is dirty, wet or dusty. You have to use a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector atop it, especially if you have kids around to not only protect your mattress but also your family’s health.


Ever Wonder Why You Need a Mattress Protector?


Reasons and benefits of using mattress protectors

Unfortunately, not many people use, or even buy a mattress protector, thinking it’s not a necessity or just because they forget about it. However, it is always better to have a protector for all your mattresses for the following reasons:

1. Cleanliness and hygiene

The body produces quite a lot of dirt and debris every day through night sweating, possible bathroom accidents by not only kids but also adults, hair fall, dead skin cells, and skin oil residue. Some people may even sleep with their makeup on which soils the sheet and mattress.

All of this gunk not only gets absorbed by your fine sheets but also leaches through it to leave your expensive mattress permanently stained and damaged. While you can always wash your sheets because it’s stained, it’s not possible to wash your mattress. What you can do instead is use a mattress protector to prevent this entire gunk from reaching the mattress, which you can wash it periodically to keep your bed clean and hygienic.

2. Kids

Kids need some time to get potty trained. The best way to go through this phase with minimal stress and maximum hygiene is by using a mattress protector along with your kids' fitted sheets. There are also waterproof mattress protectors which are much easier to clean after your kids’ night accidents.


3. Prevent allergies

Did you know that mattress protectors can help in preventing allergies like sneezing, breathing difficulties, running nose and wheezing? This is because dust mites are one of the main causes of these allergies.

It is when these dust mites and all the dead skin cells accumulate in the mattress fabric that you end up with an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Instead of going through this inconvenience, buy and use a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector and protective pillowcases to avoid getting in touch with them and triggering allergies.

4. Prolongs mattress life

As mattress protectors are not as bulky as mattress pads, you don’t actually feel or realize you have it under your sheets at all. However, while you may not realize its presence, it does protect your mattress’s utility, functioning, and comfort by preventing any possible water and build-up damage.

This is because your body’s perspiration or any other form of moisture ends up wearing down the mattress foam, and thus shortening the mattress’s comfort life. They also help protect any warranty you have on your brand new mattress and make sure you don’t have to replace your mattress soon.

Mattress pad vs. Mattress protector vs. Mattress topper

A mattress protector is quite different than a mattress pad and topper because they mainly serve different functions.

  • Mattress pads are generally used to add some additional padding to the mattress. It’s usually used atop old or thin mattresses, or just for additional padding for additional comfort. They are thus not waterproof because there’s no need for it
  • Mattress protectors are on the other hand thin, and won’t change the feel of the mattress much. They are waterproof because they are meant to protect your mattress from possible stains and moisture.

So if you have a thick and comfortable mattress where you don’t need any additional padding, then a thin, waterproof mattress protector is more than enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

  • Mattress toppers are comparatively thicker than mattress pads. They serve the same purpose as a mattress pad, to add more thickness and height to the mattress. This is why it’s better to also use a mattress protector atop it so that both the topper and mattress are covered and protected.

Different types of mattress protectors

Now, there are a few different types of mattress protectors in the market.

  1. The best and also most expensive of the lot come with a special performance fabric atop it which effectively wicks away your body’s moisture. They are the best choice for people who have a habit or tendency of sweating a lot at night which are both waterproof and breathable in function.
  2. If you are one of those who prefer using organic, then you will also be happy to learn that there are also organic mattress protectors you can consider buying.
  3. There are also mattress protectors which are both waterproof and breathable but do not come with any performance fabric on the top. While these mattress protectors are moderately priced, they do work just as well as the more expensive versions.
  4. The cheapest type of protectors tend to feel more like plastic and are less breathable and durable in structure, and hence also less expensive. If you are on a budget, you may consider buying these protectors. However, it is always better to do so only after checking customer reviews and buying a brand or protector with maximum positive reviews.

So it looks like it is definitely worth buying a protector for your mattress. Though it may seem like an additional expense at first, it will eventually save you money. Even if you pay about $100 for it, it will prove its worth by protecting and prolonging the life and warranty of your mattress costing $1000 or more. 

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