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Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Fire Pits

Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Fire Pits

Different Fire Pits

Wood Burning Fire Pits || Propane Fire Pits || Gel Fire Pits || Natural Gas Fire Pits || Differently Styled Fire Pits

Fire pits are just what you need to add some warmth to your outdoor space. They can be adjusted to the right temperature, and blend well with the surroundings, as long as you buy the right one.

Yes, choosing a fire pit can be difficult; especially if it is your first time. There are not only so many brands to choose from, but there are also so many different types of fire pits.

So here is a rundown of the four main types of fire pits available in the market, which differs in terms of its fuel source. 

They are:

1. Wood Burning Fire Pits

These are the most popular, cheapest and most readily available of the four. They are easily set up and use and creates the hottest and brightest fires. They are also ideal for kindling memories of roasting marshmallows around a fire, which means you can even cook atop it if need be. They come in three sizes ranging from small tabletop fire pits and foldable fire pits to the larger bowls that easily accommodates large fires.

The fire pits usually come with accessories like mesh guards that prevent sparks from spreading around, a poker to keep stoking the fire, a cooking grade grate so that you can cook food on the fire and a log grate for the wood.

This is the perfect fire pit if you are looking for, and love a fire pit that creates a bright and crackling bonfire. And if you love the aroma of a fire, that lingers on your clothes and hair for some time to come.

Despite its many benefits, these fire pits also have its share of drawbacks. It takes a little longer and needs more effort to get a fire burning and you also need space to buy and store wood.

There is also the task of disposing of ashes once you are done. And remember that the average sized log is 24 inches long, so make sure the fire pit can accommodate them.

Most important, these fire pits are banned or restricted in some areas because wood fires only contribute to air pollution. You can’t use them on covered porches or anywhere windy, or under a tree with low branches.

There’s the risk of sparks from the pit triggering a fire. This is why it’s better to make sure the unit you buy has a protective screen to minimize fire risks.

2. Propane Fire Pits

As the name suggests, these fire pits are fueled by propane gas tanks. They are thus easily started and switched off, at the push of a button. Unlike wood burning models, the fire’s intensity can also be easily controlled.

Besides, they are comparatively easier to maintain because you don’t have the tension or hassles of cleaning up ashes after use. They are also safe to use on open porches with overhead roofs.

These fire pits are generally larger in size than the wood burning counterparts and are more ornately designed. They come in portable versions or may be built into tables to aesthetically hide propane tanks.

The only drawback of these fire pits is that you have to keep on buying liquid propane, which is more expensive than wood. Besides, the tanks have to be replaced whenever the empty. You also have to be careful, and be able to notice gas leaks.

3. Gel fire pits

If you are looking for a smokeless and odorless fire pit, this fits the bill. They may not produce as much heat as other fire pits but are safe enough to place and use anywhere. However, the drawback is that you the gel fuel you need to use it is not easily available.

4. Natural Gas Fire Pits

These fire pits are the most expensive of the four. They have to be connected to a natural gas line, so it means you need to check if there’s such a line available and in your backyard where you’ll be using it.

This means that you won’t be able to fit the fire pit on your own. It has to be professionally installed by a licensed technician and you will have to spend on plumbing if there’s no gas line in your backyard. It also means it is not portable, so you won’t be able to carry it around to use wherever you like.

However, if you keep these inconveniences aside, then this fire pit is definitely worth the investment. It’s because you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel because the fire pit’s connected to a gas line.

You don’t even have to worry about huge propane tanks spoiling your decor, and wood creating messy ashes. The fire pit is also easy to operate using a simple ignition and control mechanism.

So though you may have to shell out a bit more at the start, it’s the most economical and easiest to maintain and use of the three. It’s the best pit if you are looking for something permanent.

Differently Styled Fire Pits

Besides fuel source, fire pits can also vary based on its style. The popular designs are:

1. Portable Fire Pits

These are obviously a better option if you will be moving around a lot, like on a camping trip. They usually come with foldable legs, are lightweight and are easily stored in carrying cases to carry from one place to another.

However, they may not be as sturdy and durable as the larger and heavier permanent fire pits, and will most probably not be able to accommodate large fires.

2. Fire Pit Table

These fire pits are obviously shaped like a table and are most suited to use for entertainment and decorative purposes. They look great on patios with the fire bowl in the middle. The bowl even has a rim surrounding it where you can place your drinks or relax with your feet up.

You’ll now find it so much easier to choose a fire pit because you know what your options are, and the different pros and cons for each type of fire pit.

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