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Fall 2019 Decor Trends: What's In, What's Out

As summer ends, we’re gearing up to decorate our homes for fall and the holiday season - so we’d like to showcase a bit of what's ahead in interior style for Fall 2019.

From unique materials and furniture to fixtures and fittings, it's all about creating a look that’s bold and custom. Even though we don’t like to get hung up on trends, there are definitely some themes we can't help but notice. Stay tuned, we're here to get you up to speed on what you're about to see ALL OVER THE PLACE.




Back to Nature


Tables made of petrified wood; pendants woven with branches; stools coated in coconut shell beads: everyplace we looked this market we saw nods to the wildlife. At Bernhardt, the backs of chairs were coated in a pattern meant to mimic the design of a field of wheat. Keep your eyes out for organic looks on everything from mirrors and accessories to furniture.


Come In To the Light


In keeping with the organic theme, several furniture companies are showcasing new, lighter finishes for wood things (like on the table shown above). These washes higher play up the wood grain and supply a beautiful contrast to bolder upholstery. Still love your walnut or teak furniture? Worry not: combining finishes is a huge "do."


Pretty In Pink


Love it or hate it, the notorious “Millennial Pink” is not going away any time soon. Splashes of the dusky hue are still popping up everywhere from upholstery to rugs. It should not be in and of itself a surprise: in any case, pink has long been thought to give a calming impact, and lots of designers use a subtle shade of the hue for the becoming glow it casts.






Mix It Up


The times of simply picking out a living room set (or bedroom, for that matter) and calling your decorating done are OVER. Unless you like your front room to seem sort of boring, that is.

Matching every piece of furniture is generic and basic. Instead, don’t be afraid to combine numerous items from completely different periods, including your family heirlooms (or brand-new pieces with a vintage look). Besides being charming, it is a great way to celebrate your personal style.



Delight in Deco


What goes around, comes around. Particularly involving style periods. With the simple lines of mid-century, it’s easy to incorporate additional exciting materials and patterns. "Art deco vogue is rascally and princely, however smart." At market, we have a tendency to saw the trend taking up sofas, lighting, case goods, and accessories. It manifested in many ways that, like faceted fronts on cupboards, geometric particularization, gilding, and lots of pattern.






Bold & Beautiful


A pop of loud color or daring wallpaper behind your headboard? Next. "Instead, attempt to elevate the area as complete package with a refined textured wallpaper. It's enough to add that pop you would like, but it gives the room a better sense of cohesiveness. It makes sense that a wider palette for wallcoverings ought to go hand-in-hand with a keener eye for art.


That means bye-bye to your motivational plaques and framed word art. Instead of “Dream” above the bed, consider adding some dreamy artwork that really reflects your personality. Find some wallpaper you like, and then, place art or pictures on the wallpaper. Simple. Doing this can produce a space that feels unambiguously yours, and not like a page in a catalog.






Interesting Details


For years, kitchens were very minimalistic, straightforward, and clean. But today, we're seeing a wave of more personalized styles, that feel collected and mix seamlessly with other living areas in the home. Imagine a more eclectic look, for example, souvenir dishware collected on vacation and vintage accessories like rugs and open glass cabinets. Paired with a movable kitchen island or a bar cart, it’s easy to blend décor elements across rooms while entertaining while keeping a cohesive look.


Like with most trends we're seeing in 2019, simple and clean isn't the thing. Instead, embellished and maximalist style is on the increase which means less subway tile and MORE custom painted backsplashes. The same goes for hardware, with traditional looks such as chrome, brass, and rose gold hardware being replaced with nature inspired finishes like animal skin and bamboo pulls in several shapes and sizes.



A Metal Mélange


What’s out is matching metal finishes. What’s in are mixed-up looks combining two (maybe even 3, if you’re really daring) different metals like shimmery stainless steel and a more subdued brass finish for huge impact.






Not Your Grandma’s Patio Furniture


Today's outdoor furniture pieces are way better than that rough wicker chair you used to sit on at your grandma's house. With corporations like Perennials, Sunbrella, and more making beautiful and textural performance materials, they can be used inside just as easily as out. The best part: wine stains, paw prints, and whatever other messes you throw at them may be simply cleaned out. How amazing is that?!



Whew!! We realize that’s a lot to take in - so if you need help figuring out how to make these themes work in your home, come out to one of our 7 locations and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you. Comment below and let us know what style trend you’re most excited about.

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