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Functional Living Room Furniture With Storage Options

Functional Living Room Furniture With Storage Options


There’s nothing more stressful than returning to a home full of clutter. However, unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard you try, kids and pets can really mess up the living room, the room which you usually see first upon entering your home.

The best way to handle the problem is by investing in living room furniture that is not only attractively colored and designed, but also offers handy, as well as handsome storage space. Here are a few storage suggestions to get you started.

1. Coffee table with shelf

Don’t just buy a coffee table. It's more functional if you buy one with a shelf included underneath, to use for your newspapers and remote controls. Or you could buy an upholstered ottoman to use both a storage unit and coffee table. Another option is vintage trunks that add some character to your living room too.

2. Bookcases

You’ll have more space for your coffee cups on your tables if you have a bookcase for your magazines and books. You can always look for a wall-hung shelf in case there’s not enough space for a freestanding unit or bookcase. Adding a few shelves for your DVDs also helps reduce the clutter in the room. 

Filling a wall with shelves for your books and DVDs, and surfaces to display accessories like medals and photographs make a great focal point for the room. You can also paint the shelving unit’s back with a bright color to add more color to your room. This eventually turns it into your room’s focal point.

3. Glass doors

Glass doors on your cupboards prove worthy for displaying your belongings. Remember that as the glass acts more like a frame for the things stored in the cupboards, it’s better to not fill the cupboard to its seams. There has to be enough space in the cupboard for whatever is inside it to breathe.

4. Sideboards

Sideboards make interesting and functional living room furniture for storing things like your games, DVDs, glassware and drinks collection.

5. Unused space under windows

You can add more life to the plain window in your room by turning it into a window seat cum storage unit. You don’t have to spend lots of money to come up with something bespoke to achieve this. You can instead place a low, strong, console table under the window frame for storage purposes, and place some cozy cushions atop it to make it a comfortable seat. 

6. Vintage storage options

Add a touch of charm to the living room with some vintage furniture and storage options. Storage trunks not only adds some history to the room but can also be used as a coffee table. Just make sure you buy something made of strong and good quality wood, which is not expensive but instead, rather affordably priced.

It’s also a good idea to have some antique living room fittings and cabinets to even modern homes. They offer well-organized storage options that are full of character and personality. Wooden sideboards with lots of drawers offer optimal storage space.

7. Make maximum use of all nooks and corners

No matter how well you think you have organized your things there is always some unused space in a room. Tall and slim storage units are best for filling up any awkward corners in the room. You can perhaps collect a few similar units to create a built-in library type of look. A neutral sofa looks great in rooms that have walls full of shelves, and if the walls are painted a delicate shade.

8. Look for hidden space

Instead of using sliding shelves just to divide rooms, they can also be used for camouflaging brimming wall-to-wall shelves pretty well. Painting the panel blinds the same color or print as the paint or wallpaper in the room helps it blend in. Besides, they make a much more affordable and brighter option to wooden doors.

9. Storage wall

Why not create a unit on your wall specifically to hold your television, with space underneath for storing all your media equipment. Just keep the larger objects visible, and on a show while it looks neat if all smaller items are stored in baskets and boxes. Work to blend the television into the living room scheme by building a unit that not only has lots of storage options but also has a canvas to hide the television screen.

10. High ceilings have lots of storage space

In case your living room has high ceilings, you can make good and creative use of the space under the ceilings as storage space. You could fit a long-running shelf to store interesting things like photographs and votives. Painting the space above the rail a different color helps create an illusion of lower ceilings.

11. Make maximum use of empty alcoves

Space is precious, so do your best to ensure no alcove goes to waste. You could perhaps build a few bespoke shelves into the empty space to fill with your books, magazines or curios. Coloring the shelves in different shades and textures help create a lot of tone and warmth which when mixed with big, comfortable loveseats help create a cocooned living scheme.

It’s left to you to decide what type of living room furniture you will use in your living room to minimize clutter and make the room look so much more organized. Of course, you have to select based on practicality and your budget so that whatever storage units you use is within your pocket and looks great on walls.

There’s no limit to the storage options you can create in your living room. You just have to learn to think out of the box because it’s not always necessary that the storage unit is neatly concealed somewhere.

Most of the time even bold and brashly designed storage units look great and becoming.  It’s you who decides the look and style for the room, and accordingly select the right living room furniture with storage options to complement this look and style. 

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