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Rest and refuel with the Galaxy 1.0 Pillow. This luxuriously comfortable pillow minimizes the pressure against the sensitive areas of your head for an elevated level of rest. With its Boost foam blend, it ensures weightless pressure relief that doesn’t bottom out. With cool to the touch fabric and heat deflection, you can regulate your body temperature as the filter fabric prevents allergens from infecting the pillow core.
This Includes:
(1) Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow
  • Cool-all-night, dry-all-night fabric
  • Firmer, elevating feel
  • Patented Air-X panels vent excess body heat
Our pillows come in four profiles, so you can find the best fit for your body type and sleep position.

Firmer, elevating feel
Cool-all-night, dry-all-night fabric
Patented Air-X panels vent excess body heat

Time spent pillow flipping is time taken from deep sleeping. Our revolutionary Ver-Tex® fabric draws heat away from your body and stays cool to the touch—helping regulate your core temperature, shut down any tossing (or flipping), and keep you solidly asleep.

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