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How to Choose the Perfect Wine Cooler

Single or Dual Zone Wine Coolers || Dual zone wine cabinets || Compressor and Cooling System Types || Additional Features

It doesn’t matter if you have just developed a palate for wine or if you are an established wine lover, you have to buy a wine cooler to enjoy your bottle of wine.

It ensures your wine stays fresh, and ages well, and lets you serve your glass of wine at the ideal temperature for best flavor. There are so many cooling units around that making a choice may be difficult.

There are so many features to consider, which is also why this mini buying guide should prove helpful to you.

1. Single or dual zone wine coolers

Temperature is very important to enjoy your glass of wine. So your choice between a single or dual zone wine cooler goes a long way at determining how cold your glass of wine will be.

Single zone wine cooler

A single zone wine cooler is very much like your standard kitchen refrigerator where the fridge’s interiors are the same temperature throughout. Your wine remains evenly cooled on all shelves.

This is a better option if:

* You are looking for a compact wine cooler because the smallest and even countertop wine coolers are all single zoned.

* You won’t be changing your bottle of wine, and don’t have plans of branching out. You can afford a single zone wine cooler in these situations because there’s no need of storing the wine bottles at different temperatures because all the bottles have a similar flavor profile.

* You are looking for a long-term storage option because all wine bottles taste best at 55 °F. You can safely store them all in the same temperature for as long as required.

* You are planning to organize your collection of wine bottles. You can use multiple single-zone coolers set at different temperatures to safely store your bottles of red, white and sparkling wines.

Dual zone wine cabinets

This is a better option if you want to store different bottles of wine at different temperatures. You have two compartments for storing your wine bottles and each zone can be set to a different tempurature. For example, the cooler section can be used for storing your sparkling wine bottles and the other, for your standard bottles.

These wine cabinets make a wise and worthy investment if:

* You entertain a lot because it lets you store your reds and whites at the ideal serving temperature. This way you’ll always have a bottle of wine, ready at the right temperature, to serve your guest.

* You want to avoid the hassles of looking for a particular bottle of wine. You can keep the reds and whites in different compartments, so there’s no need of reading all bottle labels while looking for a drink for your guests.

* You love collecting bottles of wine. The dual zone cooler lets you store your bottles at the right temperature, which means you can bring home bottles from wherever you travel, without worrying about its proper storage.

2. Compressor and cooling system types

Understanding how your cooler works will help you make a much better choice.

Traditional compressors

Most of them run on traditional compressors where a chemical refrigerant is pumped through coils to cool the air. The refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air inside the unit to release it into the air outside it. It is the compressor that you hear humming while it works.

While these are the best types of wine coolers, they should be kept someplace where there is proper ventilation so that the unwanted hot air easily escapes.

You have to choose your wine cooler based on the compressor’s location.

* Freestanding models

These wine coolers stand alone on a countertop or floor, with compressor coils at its’ back. This makes the wine cooler look clean while maximizing on storage space. However as the coils need sufficient space for ventilation purposes, it’s better to maintain a few inches of space behind and around it.

* Built-in wine coolers

There are also wine refrigerators built to slide in between kitchen cabinets. Their compressors generally remain pressed against the wall, which is why they are designed with coils and an exhaust grate on its bottom. The grate helps air to escape from the unit.

*Thermoelectric cooling

There are wine coolers that do not have a compressor but instead run by forcing electricity through a small metal plate called a heat pump. These coolers are comparatively silent because they do not produce any vibrations. This is why it’s a better option for wine enthusiasts who want their fine wines to age without worrying about sediments in the bottle stirring up.

However thermoelectric wine coolers don’t cool as efficiently as compressor versions. The temperature depends on the ambient temperature which is why they are not ideal for use in hot climates.

You need to keep the air conditioner running if the climate is hot. However, this is an ideal choice for a wine cellar cooling unit because the basement’s average temperature is cooler and steadier than the house temperature.

3. Additional features to look out for

* Capacity

Don’t forget to check how many bottles you can keep in it. There should be enough space for your existing collection, with additional space for growth.

* Temperature range

The wine cooler should function at the appropriate temperature to keep your favorite bottles of wine chilled at the perfect serving temperature.

* Child locks

You will need this feature only if you have children at home, or if you entertain frequently with guests having kids coming over.

* LED lighting

It helps save energy and at the same time keeps UV rays in the cooler at a minimum

* Proper door

The wine cooler’s door should be made of their triple pane glass or solid wood. It’s necessary to retain the cool air in it.

* Adequate shelving

The wine cooler should also have adequate wine rack shelves so that you can store your wine bottles on their sides even for a long time.

* Stylish design

It’s always better to look for a wine cooler that fits with your interior decor. Look for something both durable and stylish in looks.

* Customer service

Buy your wine cooler from a company or supplier offering optimal customer service. You never know when you may have problems with it, and it’s always better to converse with them.

* Free shipping

Look for a company offering free shipping costs, so that you can save money there.

Keeping all these points in mind will help you find the best wine cooler for your home that’s within your budget, and can keep your wine bottles cool and fresh.

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