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How to Find the Best Summer Patio Furniture

In the summer, patio furniture provides us with a comfortable space to gather in our outdoor areas. Bringing in a spacious table or finding a comfortable chair can transform a basic patio into a dining destination. A wicker sofa or rocking chair, with ample cushions, can turn your cozy porch into a secondary family room. 

Even balconies and pocket gardens present opportunities for outdoor furniture. Side tables from an outdoor patio set can be a great addition. When you know how to find the right summer patio furniture, those petite getaways will beckon you outside again and again. 

Check out our list of tips below so that you can find the best summer patio furniture for your space. With thoughtful planning, your outdoor spaces will be more functional and more inviting. 


Summer Patio Furniture By the Numbers 

Start out by considering how you hope to use your outdoor space. How should it function? Would you like it to function like a dining area?

Could you host a dinner party or a birthday party in that space? Or are you looking for more of a reading nook where you can settle down with a good book? 

Sit down with a paper and pen, and make a list of all the activities you want to use the space for. This will act as a guide as you determine the best type of summer patio furniture. For example, if you want to host casual cocktail parties on your patio, you probably won’t need a dining table. Instead, you could opt for more comfortable seating as well as a fire pit and bar tables. 


Opt for Easy Care 

Your time in your outdoor space should be used for enjoying it. You probably won’t want to spend hours maintaining furniture, especially with weather as unpredictable as Houston’s. Look for summer patio furniture that won’t require much care.

Many pieces made of all-weather wicker, teak, metal, or cedar remain unfazed in challenging environments. An added bonus is that the furniture made from these materials will look great for years to come. 


Can You Store Your Summer Patio Furniture? 

When you’re able to store your summer patio furniture in a protected location, such as a garage or shed, you’ll add years to its life. Teak chairs and wrought-iron furniture pieces are tough, but even they will last longer should you store it when you won’t be using it. Is your storage space limited? Keep your eyes on patio furniture that can fold or taken apart and reassembled for compact storage. Those outdoor lounge chairs might be tempting, but be sure you have ample storage space for them.


Consider the Quality 

“You get what you pay for” is an adage we’ve all heard. It’s as true for summer patio furniture as it is for anything else. Plastic chairs might seem appealing on the shelf, and they will keep their looks for a couple of years.

However, over time they become brittle and begin to lose their vibrant color. Plus, you won’t want that plastic sticking to your skin after it’s been out in the hot Texas sun all day. 

Unfortunately, this quality consideration is true for some wooden products and wicker pieces. Take care when you shop, and check out reviews before you make a big purchase. 

Dual Purpose Pieces 

Keep an eye out for summer patio furniture that puts in the hours. An ottoman can double as extra seating for your next backyard gathering, and a humble bench can stand on its own or slide over to a dining table. Multipurpose, flexible pieces of furniture are a great investment for anyone who wants diversity in function. If you use your outdoor space frequently and with variety, be sure to keep that in mind. 

Have a Seat 

Before you make a purchase, be sure to take a seat. Just like interior furniture, comfortable summer patio furniture will see far more use. Uncomfortable seating becomes uninviting even when it looks great. Comfort is incredibly important for you and your guests, so don’t forget to test any seats out before you buy them. 

Be Smart with Color Choices 

When you’re looking for summer patio furniture, don’t limit yourself to natural wood tones or the beige of wicker. A colorful finish can add a flourish to your outdoor space. However, you may want to preserve stylish longevity by reserving bold colors for cushions and accents. 

Summer Patio Furniture in Houston 

Just like the living room of your home, your patio will benefit from seasonal sprucing. Whether you add accessories or rearrange your furniture, you can revamp your outdoor living space. With careful planning, your patio can fulfill your expectations all year round. 

When you’re ready for new summer patio furniture, check out our catalog online and be sure to visit one of our many Houston locations

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