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OMG! Selecting the Right Outdoor Furniture Was Never Easier!


There’s nothing better to improve the looks and ambiance of your porch, patio, outdoor swimming deck, and garden than a beautiful outdoor furniture set. It lets you comfortably enjoy the outdoors with the company of your friends and family.

While there is a huge range of outdoor furniture for you to select from, it is important that you make your choice wisely. This is because they will be outdoors most of the time. So this means that they should have the structural integrity to remain good looking and inviting even in extreme weather conditions.

They should also be easy to maintain or you'll end up spending most of your time just maintaining them. That's where this article comes in handy - helping you make the right choice by explaining the many factors you need to look for in outdoor furniture.


  • Durability

Always invest in something durable which can still look new even after withstanding various elements. It’s better than other furnishings which may be durable in normal living conditions but needs to be replaced every few seasons in areas with inclement weather. It’s also better to invest in something strong and durable if you will be using it regularly because frequent use can lead to extended wear and tear.


  • Tolerance to wet weather

If you live in a place that is either high in humidity levels or has frequent rainstorms, then look for furniture that is built to resist water-based problems. This is important because furnishings having water standing around it or which retains moisture will not only lead to more damage and complications but can also trigger various health problems and risks.


  • Mold and rotting

This is one of the consequences of stagnant water and moisture absorbency. Mold and mildew usually grow on organic materials like bamboo, which later leads to the formation of mold and mildew.

While mold and mildew may not damage the material and is easily cleaned off, it can trigger respiratory problems, irritation, and other similar health-related problems. Rot, however, can lead to a deterioration of your furnishings, and its further decomposition which is why it’s better to buy something made of a material that does not easily rot.


  • Rusting

Any outdoor furnishings made of steel or iron are more susceptible to corrosion upon continuous exposure to water and oxygen. It’s this oxidation that leads to the slow weakening of the metals through rusting and discoloration. Iron and steel furnishing in the coastal regions is more susceptible to rust because of the presence of salt in the air and water.


Partanna Outdoor Set - Poolside


  • Eco-friendliness

With the rising emphasis and importance on using eco-friendly products and going eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that most people want to invest in eco-friendly furnishing. Luckily for them, there are many outdoor furnishing manufacturers who use ‘green’ manufacturing methods and biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly materials to manufacture eco-friendly furnishings.


  • Retention of heat

Sometimes outdoor furniture can get heated up because it’s made of a material that retains heat. This can get uncomfortable because the chairs and tables end up feeling hot to touch, and no one actually enjoys sitting on, using or even touching hot things!


  • Wind

People who live in windy conditions have to invest in furniture that is sturdy enough to withstand the strong wind. It should be able to stand tall without tipping or blowing away because furnishing can easily get damaged by strong winds. It’s always better to be safer than sorry instead of having to continually store or secure your idle furniture.


  • Warping

There are some materials which water tends to penetrate through and consequently leads to its uneven drying. This can lead to the warping or twisting of the furnishing’s original shape. Of course, there may not be any immediate significant changes in the shape but with time the warping gets rather noticeable. It, in fact, ends up distorting the material, misaligning the seams and even loosens any screws and bolts holding the unit together. This, in turn, is risky and dangerous.


Beautiful Burnella Outdoor Sectional


  • Heat and temperature fluctuations

If in case you live somewhere hot and sunny like Hawaii or the Bahamas, then it’s better to select outdoor furniture which can sustain any possible damage from harsh UV rays. And if the region experiences constant seasonal fluctuations, then look for material that can sustain extreme hot to cold fluctuations.


  • Faded colors

When you speak about furnishings sustaining possible damage from UV rays, it includes its possible fading with time. This can prove to be a loss to your investment because the furnishings quickly lose its luster because of the UV rays and heat. Some changes you may notice along with fading of colors are a reduced color vibrancy in the furnishings, along with uneven spotting.


  • Ease of maintenance and clearing

The longevity and durability of some furniture are also dependent on how easy, and how frequently you take care of it. While some materials require minimal maintenance because they can be easily and quickly cleaned with just soap and water, other materials require special and more time to maintain to look great and function optimally.

So if you don’t think you will be able to devote lots of time cleaning and maintaining your furniture, then it’s better to look for something that requires minimal maintenance.


  • Cost and your budget

There are so many factors to bear in mind while selecting outdoor furniture that you may end up choosing something that’s way above your budget. This is why you have to remember to keep your cost and budget in mind whenever you go shopping for outdoor furnishings. 


  • Cracks

Some outdoor furniture is built using material that tends to expand and contract with heat and cold. This will, in turn, lead to possible cracking, splitting and even warping upon exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations. Even dry air can lead to bending and cracking, which is why it’s better to avoid investing such furnishing.


So basically, you need to look for furnishings that can sustain weather fluctuations, rain, and extreme heat so that you can buy the best outdoor furniture that’s also well within your budget. 

Any other tips and suggestions for finding the perfect outdoor pieces? We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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