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Manufacturer part number: IHX-RAIN-3.0
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STORM 3.0 is optimal for side or back sleepers with an extra-large body frame.
PERFORMANCE: Achieve more each day by providing maximum recovery at night. Cool to the touch, maximizes airflow throughout the pillow, shifting away excess heat so you sleep more comfortably.
COVER: Ver-Tex cool touch and instant heat deflection fabric is ideal for medium to hot sleepers remaining cool throughout the night.
BREATHABLE: Ventilated Air-X side panel maximizes airflow through the pillow, shifting away excess heat so you sleep more comfortably.
FILL: Unique dual chamber construction features a React foam crown and React foam blend which contours to your body, eliminating pillow bounce to improve deep sleep.
This Includes:
(1) Storm 3.0 Pillow

Pillow: 20" x 26"

This new and improved Storm Series now features a removable, washable cover for easy care and cleaning.


Time spent pillow flipping is time taken from deep sleeping. Our revolutionary Ver-Tex® fabric draws heat away from your body and stays cool to the touch—helping regulate your core temperature, shut down any tossing (or flipping), and keep you solidly asleep.


We've created two feels within a single pillow using our React® fill.* Formulated as shredded foam on one side, it becomes extra-cushy. Used in its solid form on the other, it feels oh-so-slightly firmer. Designed to cradle and support, it's got all the perks of memory foam—without the sad sag or heat build-up.

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