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The Ultimate Bunk Bed Buying Guide


The Ultimate Bunk Bed Buying Guide


The Ultimate Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Advantages || Disadvantages || Buying Guide

You seem to be at a shortage of space most of the time when you have children at home. This is when you have to consider making changes to your furnishings, especially when it comes to beds. 

Instead of having two beds in a room taking up more floor space, it’s better to have a pair of bunk beds which not only gives your children a comfortable night’s sleep but is also attractive to look at.

Bunk sets are no longer just a pair of beds with stairs. There are so many types made in various styles and materials to choose from. They may even come equipped with a cupboard or desk, thus offering more space saving options. There are also some models that have not two, but three or four units bundled together.

So if you are looking for bunk beds, but don’t know where to start, then this buying guide should help you out. And if you especially are on the fence about buying one, there is even a section listing its pros and cons. 




  • Beds are easier to maintain

You don’t have to wash both sheets if one of your kids wet the bed in their sleep. This is unlike double beds where both or the entire bed sheet may end up getting wet and need washing. 

  • Additional room space

Bunk sets give you more space for movement, and to store your kids’ toys and belongings in their room. While twin and full beds cover a larger part of the room space, these beds take up the space of a single unit.

  • Can be separated

Bunk beds can even be separated to use as two twin units if needed. 

  • Separate bedding

Your children don’t feel like they are sharing their bedding as each has an individual bed to sleep on. 


Bunk Bed with Computer Desk





  • Practical difficulties

Making the bed may be a chore if you are short, and have to climb to the top of the bed to do it. Similarly, you may also find it difficult tucking the top child in. 

  • Safety

Safety is the biggest concern of using bunk beds. There’s the risk of kids slipping while climbing the stairs or may also hit their head if there’s not much of a gap between the two beds. 

Some even wonder if the bunk bed is stable enough to sustain the mischief of children, which is why it’s safer if only older kids slept on the top bunk. It’s also recommended that the beds are placed in the corner to minimize the chances of kids falling out.

  • Difficult climbing down the ladder at night

It can be dangerous if the child sleeping on top can reach the ceiling fan. They may also find it difficult coming down the ladder to go to the bathroom at nights.




Buying guide


Now you know about the advantages and disadvantage of these beds, which helps you prepare yourself mentally about sleeping on bunk beds, here are some tips to help you make your selection.


i.  Separable or not

The units which can be separated give you added flexibility in case your children grow and can no longer sleep comfortably on the top bed. However separable bunk beds are not always built equal, which you may or may not like. 


ii. Looks 

Aesthetics will naturally come in the picture, which is why you have to make a choice based on how you want the cot to look. You can make your selection based on smooth or gritty wood, color, beds with drawers smoothly slide in and out and the overall look.


iii.  The height of the top bunk 

Check how tall the unit on top is because it can be dangerous if it’s too high or if your child is on the taller side. They may accidently touch the fan or ceiling while stretching.


iv.  Trundle bed

Bunk beds with trundle beds may seem a useful proposition if you need to fit in 3 beds in the bedroom using minimal space. Bunk beds with trundles give more space in the room in the day, and also let three people comfortably sleep at night. However, a trundle is an unnecessary buy if you won’t need a third bed.


v.  Additional storage space

There are some models that not only give your kids a bed to sleep on, but also come with additional space to store things. Some popular options are staircase drawers, space under the bottom bunk for things, an attached desk and enough space all around to access these additional features.  


vi.  Space in between bunks 

It’s better if there’s more space in between the bunks so that adults can sit on the bottom bunk without hunching, stooping or hitting their heads. Besides, more space means that your kids won’t quickly outgrow their bunk beds in a few years’ time.


vii.  Type of ladder

Most bunk sets come with ladders which are placed diagonally against the cot or stairs to climb up to the top bed. However, there are also some models without any stairs or ladders. In this case your child has to be able to climb to access the top bed.

You have to decide which type you want. And in case you feel you need a ladder, select between removable ladders, the gap between the rungs and how much space it occupies in the room.


viii.  Stability 

As children tend to jump and play around on their bedding, it’s important you buy a sturdy bed which may not fall apart in a few weeks’ time because of their antics. You can get an idea of the bed’s stability taking a look at the bed frame’s thickness, it’s construction and the material it’s made of.


ix.  Cost 

While you may always want to get a good deal with your buy, remember that the cheapest option may not be safe and stable for your kids. It’s better to look around, check the available features and of course give safety top priority while eventually making your choice.

Although there are lots of online stores selling terrific bunk sets at great rates it’s recommended to first have your child check them out in traditional stores - like Exclusive Furniture. This gives you an idea about how they like it and if they are comfortable climbing up onto it.


We hope this guide helps make buying your next bunk beds a little easier.

If you have any other tips, tricks or questions feel free to comment below!

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