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The Ultimate Game Plan to Designing your Game Room

Game Rooms are used for many purposes from playing board games, movie nights to watching sports. They are a place where family and friends can hang out and unwind after a long week or just take some time for themselves. The most important part of designing a game room? Make the most of your space by creating a good furniture layout.

One thing you really want to consider is how much do want to do in the space: is it for watching TV? Playing games at a table? Or even entertaining friends and family around a large pool table in the space. This is where you will need to find more ideal pieces that keep the space feeling open but still gives you all you want.


Here are some great ideas to create the ultimate game room:

 1. Sectionals

These types of sofas add much-needed seating and can give you more room but still provide space. You can also add a chair or two to allow for more seating. What is great about sectionals is that they come in different shapes and sizes giving you a variety of options no matter what size is needed.


 2. Ottomans

These are not just for putting your feet up, although that sounds like quite the treat. Ottomans as a coffee table can provide you with extra storage and double for more seating for large gatherings with family and friends. A game room is a relaxed casual space, so having a piece where you can prop up your feet and store some magazines to read while you do so, is ideal.


 3. Media Consoles

Keeping consoles minimal in size and mounting your TV to the wall will free up more space for more furniture in the room. With technology not needing so much storage, this is a piece that you can keep small.


 4. Console Tables

Behind sectionals are great for providing an extra space to put your glass and other items you want to store near the seating area. The best type for game rooms are ones that can convert into a bar table and can serve as extra seating. Also, consider Multi-Game Tables–get up and move around by having a multi-game table they are a smart way to have 3 tables in one.


 5. Side Tables

They’re not only for your nightstand. Side tables that have storage can store board games on the bottom and remote controls in the drawers. These more pieces are more practical and allow you to make the most out of your space.


 6. Rugs

Picture this nightmare: a wine-stained white carpet. How to avoid this? Consider a darker color that doesn’t show stains and dirt in such a high traffic area. Rugs will also help with soundproofing the room, something to consider if you live in an apartment. Want to convey the feeling of more open space? Use small patterns!


7.  Lighting

Nobody wants to feel like they’re in a questioning room, this is why lighting is essential in any room you’re planning. Use fans with LED light kits, along with swing arm lamps that can save space for tabletops.  Don’t forget dimmers switches for overhead lights.

8. Artwork

Think about your favorite sports, hobbies or family photos for your walls giving the room a personal touch. Walls with artwork give the feeling of spaces being homier. Do keep it simple to make it feel more open.

At the end of the day, your space calls for your own rules. However, a little guidance is needed when remodeling or redecorating a new room. Are you in need of more inspiration? Check out our designer-curated Pinterest mood board below for the best furniture, accents, and accessories you can find right here in Houston. 

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