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Tips For Decorating a Gender Neutral Bedroom For Kids

“Gender neutral” is a term you may be hearing more and more often these days. So as far as being trendy is concerned, we are going to walk you through a simple set up for a gender- neutral child’s room.  

The key is not to try and avoid pinks or blues as gender identifying colors, but to accentuate on bigger themes within the design and layout of a room that showcases personality rather than gender.  

Today, we will lay out a theme, complete with accents and color pallets to give you an idea of what we mean. 



Wild Child or Book Worm? 


First things first, we are going into this in a very generalized fashion and are simplifying themes for sanity’s sake. With this, let’s agree that some kids are a bit more…umm…. energetic than others and with great energy comes great adventures for their personal room. How can this idea be translated in terms of furniture? Bed type. There are simple kid-sized beds out there that will serve their purpose well, but where is the personality? Where is the fun? How are you going to get a child that is well versed in their imagination to start mellowing out for bedtime if they aren’t engaged in their surrounding and also receiving messages that bedtime is near? 



Treehouse Beds 


Yeah, a treehouse bed. No, you’re not going to throw a twin bed up that sketchy tree in your backyard, they make them for inside.  


A set up like this is perfect for any child that has an active imagination.  The statement piece leaves room for accenting around the bed. This is a perfect set up and color pallet for a beginner’s attempt at gender neutral decorating. Practicality is also key especially when the child is excited for bedtime and you have storage space underneath. Don’t worry, It’s OK if you might want one too. 






Loft Bed 


Some kids are more into readingcollecting, or just generally being more mellow than other kids. These kids may not need the engagement of a full treehouse or bunk bed, but there is another option. Loft bedslike this one, offer a unique and fun look to the room while providing a creative outlet. All the cute cubbies and shelves let a child’s personality shine through. It allows them to display things that might mean a great deal to them even if you’ve never heard of it. Oh, and so many books can go there too. SO MANY BOOKS!  


Bedding can really set the tone of a room without implying gender and options like these are solidfun, and fully personalizable by the individual child, highlighting personality and not gender.  


Color Pallets 



There are two things that can really cause a stir when deciding to decorate in a gender neutral fashion: color patterns and color schemes. Gender neutrality does not mean to avoid pinks or blues at all cost. In fact, these are earthy tones that can be utilized in any childs room. The trick is to compliment these hues of pinks and blues with accents of neutral colors like browns, greens, and whites.  


Small color pops are both gender neutral and a lot of fun to coordinate. 


Gender Neutral Accent Pieces 



A solid chair in a neutral fabric and tone is perfect. The chair, again, serves as a place holder for personality without voicing gender. Accent pillows or throws pair well with a child’s room accent chair.  

What pairs well with a neutral chair? A super funky rug. Prints and faux-furs are not only incredibly hip, but also neutral, and a little badass.  


The fun thing about toned-down colors and furniture is the ability to really accessorize with some awesome stuff. Rugs, lamps, shelving and even trunks are all neutral and just ready to be personalized. 




No Need to Worry!! 


To wrap this up, we just want to point out that the less you focus on gender and the more you focus on the personality of the person whose room you are setting up, the more fun it can really be! Not every child fits in a mold and decorating their personal space in this way can teach you a few things about the creative young mind you have under your roof. You might even discover that they have incredible style, just like you. 


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