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Why You Need A Mattress Protector and How to Choose One

Material || Type || Size || Cost || Who Needs It

Mattress protector? Yes, you’d be surprised what your mattress may endure, and need protection from! It obviously protects your mattress from the mess of spills, crumbs, bed wetting, sweat, and moisture.

But it also helps protect possible wear and tear and allergans from bed bugs and dust mites. In other words, a mattress protector is just what you need to prolong your mattress’s life. Some of them are even thick enough to offer some extra added comfort while others are fitted with cooling technology.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are so many types and brands, you need to know how to choose the right one that will give you a good night’s sleep.

If you are like the many others who need help, this guide should give you answers!

How to choose mattress protectors

Mattress protectors come in various styles, sizes, types, and materials. While most of them protect your mattress from most hazards, some are designed to protect only against something specific like moisture. Cost is another factor to consider, which is decided by its versatility.


Mattress protectors come in various materials like polyester, cotton or down. Cotton protectors are naturally a better option in hot climates or summer because it gives you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

However polyester may not be comfortable in summer or the heat. It’s a better option for cool places, and to use in winter. Some are even a blend of a few materials. You have to select based on other factors like your sleeping style, mattress type, and your comfort levels. 

 In case of waterproof protectors, they contain waterproofing materials like vinyl and polyurethane. However while vinyl does prevent the absorption of water, there’s some apprehension about its safety on mattresses.

This is mainly because of the toxic gas it releases. This is the reason why some companies manufacture waterproof mattress protectors without a vinyl coating.


You have three basic types or styles of mattress protectors:

  • Zippered or with an encasement

As the name indicates, these protectors generally close with a zipper. They are designed to completely cover your mattress from top to bottom. This is to provide for optimal protection, and is sealed shut with a zipper. This is the better choice if you tend to periodically flip your mattress.

  • Fitted

These protectors, like fitted sheets, have elastic edges with pocketed corners. This makes it so much easier to tuck it into the mattress corners, and are cheaper than the zippered versions. However though waterproof in nature, they do not provide the 100% coverage a zippered version offers.

  • Strapped

These protectors come with elastic straps which you can wrap around the mattress’s four corners. Though it does give a tighter fit than the fitted versions, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t completely cover the mattress sides.

Size and care

Protectors too come in various sizes, obviously to accommodate the different sized mattresses. There are even protectors for crib mattresses, which is very essential, considering the number of spillages and accidents that may occur on them.

If you think you will be cleaning your protector regularly then it’s better to look for one that is both washing machine and dryer friendly. Washing and drying especially the large protectors can get difficult, and take longer on cold and rainy days.

This makes protectors that easily dry a better option. Besides, most protectors cannot be dried on a high setting. This is why it’s important you wash and dry them as per their specific cleaning and care instructions.


Protectors come in various rates and prices. While there are some brands which sell them for less than fifty dollars, there are also the more expensive ones which can go up to $150.

It all depends on the size, the material it’s made from and how it was made. Protectors with some high technology incorporated functionality are obviously a more expensive option.

Examples of a built-in technology you can expect in the more expensive protectors are the ability to stabilize your body temperature at night for a more cozy and comfortable night’s sleep. 

Who may need mattress protectors?

Not everyone is ready to buy a mattress protector. However, there are some people who have to buy one, whether they want to or not, for some reason or the other.

They are:

  • People who have paid a lot for mattresses

This is the most important group of people who should buy protectors. After spending so much on their mattress, they have to protect to ensure it serves them for the many years they want it to last.

  • Families with young children

Young children are always up to mischief and tend to have accidents when you least expect it. No matter how well you think you have trained them, there will be an accident or two.

They may spill drinks while playing with friends or wet the bed because they are a tad too late to head to the bathroom. As prevention is always better than cure, it's better you do something about the problem by investing in a good mattress protector.

  • Those who have frequent guests

If you are always having guests over like friends and family, then it’s better to have a protector in place. It ensures your guests always have someplace hygienic to sleep in.

 It’s better to buy a washable protector so that you can wash it frequently in the middle of guests’ visits. Some people are messier than others or sweat more than others, which will only spoil the mattress and make it unhygienic for the next visitor.

  • People suffering from allergies

As mentioned above, dust mites are one of the reasons for buying mattress protectors. If you wonder why, it’s because sometimes an infestation will be ignored for years, leaving sleepers suffering without any reason. Their infestations will in turn trigger allergies in some sleepers, which a protector can prevent.

  • Frequent travelers

If you are a frequent traveler, then its worth buying mattress protectors because you never know when you may come in contact with bedbugs, which exist everywhere like in carpets, hotels, luggage, and rooms.

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