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Why You Should Have a Sofa Bed at Home

Why You Should Have a Sofa Bed at Home


 It’s always better to accomplish two things at once, or with the help of a single tool. And this is exactly what a sleeper sofa does. You can use it as a sofa to sit and relax while watching your favorite shows in the daytime. And at night, you just have to put in a little effort to extend and use it to sleep. In short, it helps transform your sitting area into a bedroom in seconds!

It’s especially helpful if you don’t have space for an additional bed, but need extra bedding when friends and guests stay and sleep over. It helps you take good care of your friends, and ensure they get a good night’s sleep with you. 

Reasons to buy a sofa bed

There obviously are a lot of reasons to buy a sofa bed beside sitting. It’s, in fact, an ideal piece of furniture to make your living room look and feel nice and great for rooms with minimal space.

Not only does it provide additional sleeping space for your guests, it’s easily folded up and is great for storing things. It’s cozy, comfortable and also stylish to look at. So it easily compensates your sleeping and seating arrangements wherever space is a constraint.

i.      Saves space 

With a sofa bed at home, you don’t have to devote separate spaces for a sofa and a bed. The sofa bed serves both purposes, giving you more space for other furniture and can be easily moved around your home. You don’t even need space for an extra mattress as the sofa bed is comfortable enough to give your guests a good night’ sleep.

ii.     Saves money

Just like sofa beds save space, it also saves money because you needn’t invest in separate beds and sofas. You pay for a single piece of furniture that takes care of all your guests' seating and sleeping needs whenever you have guests visiting. And a good sofa bed is comparatively much cheaper than other forms of couches, beds and most mattresses.

iii.    Easily set up 

You needn’t undergo any specific training to set up a sofa bed. Anyone can do it as you just have to remove any cushions and pull out the built-in mattress. You have your comfortable and cozy bed ready in seconds for your guests, thus reducing time spent getting things ready for your guests.

iv.    Additional storage space 

The sofa bed helps keep your home organized and clutter free as you can store things you don’t use every day like quilts and additional pillows in it. It also helps save space because you needn’t buy an additional cupboard for storage purposes.

v.     Comfort

It’s true that sleeper sofas were once not as comfortable as beds. However, the latest innovations have made this a thing of the past because today’s sofa beds are so very comfortable and easygoing in function. It’s in fact as comfortable as a bed to sleep on at night, or for short naps at noon.

vi.    No need for a guest room

Not everyone has a guest room to accommodate the unexpected guests. However, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have one in your home as you can use your sleeper sofa as a guest room. Though it’s not as spacious and versatile as a separate room, your guests won’t mind it as they feel comfortable and hospitable in it.

Sofa beds also prove useful even if you have a guest room. While the room can be used as a guest room when guests are around, it can also be used as a workroom, party room or library where the sofa is used for seating purposes.

vii.    Huge range to choose from

Sofa beds are available in various fabrics, brands, materials, types, styles, and sizes to choose from based on your décor. They also come in beds ranging from queen to twin sizes where some are both stylish and comfortable.

The best naturally are from famous and prestigious companies while the fabric determines how durable and comfortable it is. Sofa beds can be extended in various ways. You can draw it from below, open the seat cushions and take out its bed frame or even push down the backrest cushions so that they line up horizontally with the seat ones.

You can also choose between full-sized sofa beds that easily accommodate 2-3 adults or modest-sized ones which comfortably accommodate an adult. And best of all, a sofa bed can be easily moved around.

Tips for increasing the comfort of a sleeper sofa

While sofa beds are quite comfortable on their own, the following tips help make them even more comfortable. 

  •       Use an additional egg crate or mattress pad

You can try adding a mattress pad or egg crate atop the mattress for increased comfort. It’s an affordable means of increasing the sofa bed’s comfort levels. It also helps turn a firm bed into something softer.

  •       Buy some good-quality bedding

Bedding has a huge effect on the comfort of your sofa bed. You needn’t spend loads on Egyptian cotton sheets as natural wool layering is cheaper, and perfect for layering the sofa’s mattress.

Though you may not feel so comfortable, wool is a strong and hearty textile that can help remove any mattress discomfort when used appropriately. Place a wool blanket on the mattress and a good fitting sheet on it for exceptional cushioning and a much better night’s sleep.

  •      Use a suitable pillow

No matter what you sleep on, it’s the pillow that decides how peaceful and comfortable your sleep is. The right pillow will make your sleep all the more comfortable. Adding body pillows to the sofa mattress makes a marked difference to the quality of your sleep as they offer a sort of support system to your body.


All this shows that a sofa bed is an incredible piece of furniture for any home. It not only saves space as a sofa cum bed, it is also very profitable for you and your family. It’s better than a traditional couch, affordably priced, easy to open up and perfect to accommodate surprise guests when space is a constraint at home. 

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