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Why You Should Invest In Adjustable Bed Bases

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Why You Should Invest In Adjustable Bed Bases

Adjustable beds are generally associated with elderly people and the injured in hospitals, helping them get a good night’s sleep. While these were the original uses for these beds, things have changed now.

Now people of all age groups have them in their homes for the many benefits it offers. In fact, motorized adjustable beds have now become a comfort and lifestyle choice for most consumers.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

It’s a multi-hinged, motorized lying surface that can be raised and lowered to different positions using a remote control. Many mattress manufacturers now manufacture these customized bed bases which work just like beds in hospitals.

They can be lifted or dropped at the head or bottom of the bed to offer various sleeping positions as per the body’s needs. Other features offered include giving a massage, a zero-gravity setting, silent alarms, and even anti-snore privileges. While most of these bases can be controlled using remote controls, some models are run by apps and wireless devices.

Advantages of Adjustable Bed Bases

There are many benefits offered by these bed bases, which is the main reason for its increased demand and need. They are:

i. Helps treat snoring; sleep apnea and other sleeping problems

Elevating the head while sleeping is one of the ways to reduce snoring. This is because you tend to snore when you lie flat because of the extra weight on the windpipe. The elevated head pulls the weight away from the windpipe to reduce the chances of snoring.

Adjustable beds help reduce your snoring problem because you will be able to elevate and customize your bed as needed. Not only snoring, but head elevation also helps cure various other sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

For best results, use the bed base with a mattress with a dedicated ‘anti-snore’ setting. This is where your head can be adjusted to the required angle and position.

ii. Improved blood circulation

Blood circulation is improved when the legs and head are elevated to a favorable sleeping position. The improved blood flow leads to better oxygen flow which in turn helps you fall asleep much quicker.

iii. Improved digestion

It’s interesting to know that adjustable beds can also help improve your digestion. This is because just being able to not sleep flat all the time helps improve your body’s digestion system.

iv. Relaxation

Adjustable beds help you relax because you can adjust your body to the ideal position to comfortably sleep and even watch television. You no longer have to strain your neck because you can adjust the bed to your preferred position.

v. Pain relief

This is the main and most important benefit because these beds can help alleviate body pain and pressure through their massage, support, and customizable comfort settings.

This is why the beds are best for sleepers suffering from chronic pain conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. It helps reduce arthritis stiffness by shifting pressure away from problematic areas.

People suffering from sciatic pain also benefit from adjustable beds because the pressure on the sciatic nerve is reduced when the bed is adjusted at the feet and head for more back support.

vi. Reduced heartburn

Yes, adjustable bed bases can also reduce your heartburn problem mainly because it’s possible to elevate the head portion. It’s a known fact that sleeping with the head elevated helps reduce and even get rid of heartburn.

vii. Overall comfort while sleeping

These bed bases give you a good night’s sleep because you can program it to whatever sleeping position you deem comfortable for your height, weight and chosen a sleeping position.

viii. Double adjustment for couples

Some of these bed bases split along the middle. This is the ideal choice for couples who sleep differently. These bases are usually Split King in size, with two Twin Xl-size based joint together. So adjusting them to dual sleeping positions as per the couple’s individual sleeping needs is not a problem.

viiii. Wireless Controls

Most of the adjustable beds are today remote controlled or run by a wireless app. This means that there are no hassles of cords or outlets to worry about.

x. Reduces insomnia

Adjustable beds also indirectly help reduce insomnia. This is because the chances of your falling asleep are higher when you are in a comfortable and relaxed position.

And as these bed bases do just that, make you feel relaxed and comfortable, it’s no wonder you get a better night’s sleep on it! Besides, you always sleep better when there’s better circulation that leads to optimal oxygen flow.


It goes without saying that there are also some disadvantages with adjustable beds. But they are minimal, and not so significant to outdo the many benefits of these beds.

a) Cost

Of course, the most obvious disadvantage is its high cost. Yes, adjustable beds are rather expensive at $1000 to $3500. This is a considerably higher rate than a regular bed. The rate depends on, and may change because of various factors like quality and its various built-in features and settings.

b) Weight

It’s not surprising that these adjustable beds are rather heavy, weighing between 100 to 300 pounds, with its motors and the bases. So they are not easily moved around as needed.

c) Mattress compatibility

Some mattresses types like hybrids and innersprings may not be usable on some bed bases. It’s usually the latex mattresses and memory foam ones which are the most compatible. So there may be the additional cost of buying a mattress if your present mattress has compatibility issues.

d) Assembly process

Not many people are comfortable with assembling adjustable beds because the task is not only difficult but also time-consuming. But if you look around and choose right, you will be able to find a few companies that have their delivery men assemble it for you.

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